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Can medical malpractice cause a paralyzing injury?

Many cases of paralyzing injuries such as quadriplegia and paraplegia are associated with catastrophic accidents such as motor vehicle collisions, sports accidents and similar incidents, but others can be traced to causes that may not be as sudden or dramatic. The fact is that negligence on the part of a doctor, anesthesiologist, surgeon or other medical practitioner may be found to be the cause of a patient’s spinal cord injury. When this is true the patient has a right to claim financial compensation by suing for medical malpractice.

Consequences of a Paralysis Injury

Paraplegia and quadriplegia are caused by some type of spinal cord injury, whether the injury is the result of a major accident or if it is caused by medical errors. The extent of paralysis caused by the injury is determined by factors including the severity of injury and the exact section of the spinal cord which is damaged. Depending on the circumstances, the patient may experience partial or total paralysis in some or all of the limbs, as well as impairment of organ function in the affected areas of the body. The costs of a paralysis injury can be staggering, from expenses for ongoing medical treatment to the income lost due to disability.

Medical negligence can cause a paralysis injury in a variety of ways, all of which are avoidable. If the doctor failed to diagnose or misdiagnosed an injury or illness affecting the spinal cord, like Paralysis, Quadriplegia & Paraplegia, the condition may proceed beyond the point where it can be effectively treated. Similarly, surgical errors may cause injury to the spinal cord, such as if the surgeon’s instruments nick or otherwise damage the cord. A baby may even develop a paralyzing condition such as Erb’s palsy or cerebral palsy as a result of birth injuries caused by oxygen deprivation or pulling with excessive force on the baby’s head during delivery. To discuss the particular circumstances of your case and learn whether you have grounds for legal action, contact The Carlson Law Firm now to speak with a Texas medical malpractice attorney who cares.

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