Military Aviation Accidents – Helicopter and Aircraft Crashes

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When a US military aircraft crashes, strict protocols are followed to ensure that the next of kin receive immediate support. Tragically, these spouses, children, or parents are left with more questions than answers should they desire civil justice for the death of their service member.

Military and Military Contract Air Crashes require specialized knowledge and experience to litigate. Our lawyers have extensive experience in performing a thorough aircraft crash investigation and pursuing full and fair compensation on behalf of the victims and their families. Common causes of aircraft crashes include:

Manufacturing Defect

The military aircraft in the skies today are larger, faster, and more complex than any other planes in history. Every part of every plane must be at 100 percent efficiency for the aircraft to fly safely. If even one component is off, there is a very high potential for serious injury.

Aircraft Design Defect

Proving that an aircraft design defect caused a crash can be a complex and time-consuming process. Virtually every key part of the plane or helicopter must be examined and evaluated. If a part failed, investigators must determine whether the failure was attributable to unsafe design or other factors.

Aircraft Maintenance Negligence

FAA standards for maintenance are just minimum requirements. Legally, mechanics must meet or exceed the industry standards. Depending on where the accident occurs and other factors, the industry standard ,may be be much higher than the standards set.

Pilot/Air Traffic Control Error

Recent studies have proven that the quantity of air traffic control errors has increased over the past decade, despite innovations in aviation technologies.

How We Can Help

The Carlson Law Firm has successfully handled numerous cases dealing with the failure of military products causing injuries and death to service personnel while on duty. However, it is a very specialized area of the law requiring experience and knowledge which few attorneys have. If you lost a loved one or sustained serious injuries in an accident involving a military helicopter, contact our trial lawyers at The Carlson Law Firm right away.

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