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boating accident injury attorney

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In Texas and across the United States, boaters and jet ski operators often find themselves becoming the victims of other boaters’ reckless behavior or negligent repair and maintenance practices can lead to avoidable injuries and property damage. It is not uncommon for many drivers to be without a proper drivers’ license required to operate a boat. As a result, boating accidents occur all too frequently throughout the state of Texas, involving both tourists and residents.

Based on a recent study completed by the United States Coast Guard, the top five types of recreational boating accidents are:

Collisions with other recreational boats

Flooding and swamping

Collisions with fixed objects


Skier mishaps

The same Coast Guard study found that the five most common causes of recreational boating accidents were:

Operator inattention

Improper lookout;

Operator inexperience;

Speeding; and

Alcohol use

What A Boating Accident Attorney Can Do For You

Legal claims involving water accidents can involve complex legal and technical issues. An experienced boat accident injury attorney knows the particulars of maritime law, which comes with its own rules about filing claims and submitting pleadings to the court. The liability rules also differ in some ways from those that govern car owners or tour bus operators.

Our team of personal injury lawyers handle accidents involving boats, wave runners, jet skis, and all types of watercraft, large, or small. Whether you were an operator or a passenger of a watercraft, or a swimmer who was involved in a boating accident, we can help.

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