Law Enforcement Abuse Attorney

law enforcement abuse

Law enforcement abuse is a hot topic these days after several instances that have made national news in the past few years.  From beatings to shootings of individuals, it has brought law enforcement in the court rooms with injured victims or their families demanding justice.

Reasons for law enforcement abuse lawsuit

Law enforcement is automatically granted qualified immunity from lawsuits. This protects officers from having to worry about lawsuits when they are trying to do their job.  It is believed to help them do their job more effectively.  Although they are immune, they can be sued if it is shown that they willfully acted in an unreasonable manner.  Negligence is not enough to overcome immunity.

Filing a lawsuit for Law Enforcement Abuse

The first step in filing a lawsuit is to speak to an attorney right away. These cases can be very complicated and difficult to try in court.  This means it is important to have an attorney experienced in these types of cases that have been successful.

Check out our recent successful law enforcement abuse case here:

Austin Personal Injury Attorney reaches $877k verdict against APD

Contact an experienced attorney

If you or someone you know believe you have a case against an officer for misconduct, contact The Carlson Law Firm for a free consultation to see if you have a case.  Law enforcement abuse is a serious issue that has taken lives and changed lives forever.  Our attorneys understand the complexity of these cases and have the ability to take them to court.  Call today to learn your rights.

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