Military Contractor Claims

Legal Representation for Military Personnel

The Carlson Law Firm represents military men and women who have been hurt or victimized by military contractors. When contractors are more concerned about making a profit and getting a job done than they are about the safety of our military personnel, the attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm can step in and hold them accountable for their actions.

What are “qui tam” claims?

In the United States, any individual who has information about possible fraud, negligence or another type of violation on behalf of a military contractor can bring a “qui tam” claim according to the U.S.C. § 3729 on behalf of the federal government for offenses committed against it. Sometimes, this type of claim is referred to as “Lincoln Law.” Essentially, it allows whistleblowers to bring claims against federal defense contractors for alleged fraud and misconduct.

U.S. Defense Contractors in Texas

In the state of Texas there are a particularly large number of U.S. defense contractors, especially in major cities such as Dallas and Houston. Some of the major defense contractors in Texas include:

If you have been injured, become seriously ill or your loved one was killed and you believe you may have a claim against one of the aforementioned defense contracting companies or another, please do not hesitate to contact The Carlson Law Firm to discuss your legal options.

Potential Claims Against Military Contractors

The Carlson Law Firm is prepared to represent individuals who may have claims against military contractors. One of the most common claims that have surfaced in recent months against defense contractors involves toxic exposure. One example of this was various military men and women who were exposed to contaminated water at the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant in Iraq. Some who were exposed are now suffering from various types of respiratory problems.

Another claim was filed against KBR by the family of a military member who was killed by electrocution on a military base. Although the lawsuit was initially denied, the family appealed and a judge ruled that the case against KBR did have merit. Other military members might have claims related to other types of toxic exposure, burns, chemicals and more.

Calling The Carlson Law Firm

Our law firm is passionate about advocating for the brave men and women who serve our country. Our goal with these cases is to hold military contractors accountable for their negligence and carelessness so that our clients can recover the compensation they need and deserve after suffering avoidable injury and/or illness. To learn more about how The Carlson Law Firm could help you, you can call us today and receive a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case.

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