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A number of lawsuits have recently surfaced in collegiate and professional football, claims by players alleging that the NFL is responsible for serious side effects related to head trauma, concussions and the like.  The various lawsuits all allege basically the same thing: that the NCAA or NFL did not adequately warn players of the risks associated with the high-impact sport, specifically, that concussions and other head / brain trauma could leave the players suffering for a lifetime.  Various helmet manufacturers have also been named in these complaints.

If you played collegiate, professional or semi-professional football and are now experiencing symptoms such as:

Chronic headaches

Brain trauma

Disorientation / confusion

Emotional instability


Suicidal thoughts




Early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s

You may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against the NFL, a helmet manufacturer or an affiliated party.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE

A serious disease from repeated concussions and brain trauma is CTE.  Individuals suffering from CTE slowly deteriorate over time and can have their life changed from the condition.  The most common symptoms of CTE is is loss of memory, depression, impulsive behavior, impaired judgement and other neurological symptoms.  These symptoms can sometimes lead to suicide and death.

The latest brain study examined 111 former NFL players. Only one didn’t have CTE – The Washington Post

NFL Improperly Attempted to Influence Concussion Research

According to a report released Monday, May 23, 2016, the NFL officials “improperly attempted to influence the grant selection process” in a concussion study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NFL promised $30 million to the study about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which triggered an investigation.

“The NFL’s interactions with NIH and approach to funding the BU study fit a longstanding pattern of attempts to influence the scientific understanding of the consequences of repeated head trauma,” according to the report released by the Democratic members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce states. “These efforts date back to the formation of the NFL’s now-discredited (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury) Committee, which attempted to control the scientific narrative around concussions in the 1990s.”

The NFL denies all allegations in the report.

Treatment for Concussions

Football players suffering from the lasting effects of a concussion or multiple concussions may be able to seek financial compensation for medical expenses related to the treatment of concussions.  Since side effects can be both physical and emotional, financial compensation could be provided to cover the cost of:

Doctor visits

CT Scans / neuroimaging / MRIs

Physical or occupational therapy

Psychiatric care or counseling

Antidepressant / Anti-anxiety (SSRI) drugs

NFL Concussion Lawsuits

Literally thousands of former football players have file lawsuits against the NFL alleging that the league did not do their part to adequately warn players and protect players from concussion and its long-term effects. Football players can sustain not just one, but multiple concussions during their career.  With each blow comes an increased risk of severe side effects later on in life.  As you can see from the symptoms listed above, concussion and traumatic brain/head injury not only causes lasting physical effects, but lasting emotional trauma as well.

Many football players allege that, not only did the NFL adequately warn of the long-term effects of football-incurred head trauma, but that these organizations intentionally concealed this information to keep players in the game.  Many players say that, after suffering serious head injuries, they were encouraged to get back on the field as soon as possible, sometimes without receiving medical attention.  So far, the NFL has already paid millions in settlements to players who have brought claims forward.  Some of the notable people to bring claims forward include:

Tony Dorsett

Jim McMahon

Junior Seau

Thousands of former NFL players may be eligible for lawsuits against the league and possibly the league’s helmet manufacturer.

NFL Concussion Lawyer

If you or someone you love formerly or currently plays professional or collegiate football and is suffering from complications stemming from concussions or traumatic head injury, please do not hesitate to contact The Carlson Law Firm.  We have medical professionals testing players and former players to see if their condition qualifies for a case.  Our law firm is capable of NFL concussion litigation and is ready to fight for you.  We can provide confidential case evaluations so you can explain your case to us and we can provide you with information on the best legal recourse.

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