Sexual Assault

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Representation for Victims of Sexual Abuse

If you were sexually assaulted, you should fight for justice and compensation! A criminal legal proceeding does not award damages to victims, so it is important that you and your family file a civil lawsuit to receive the compensation you need to move forward.

After you have been victimized, it is important that you know that you do not have to be the victim any longer.

Who can I hold accountable?

When a sexual assault takes place, you can hold the perpetrator and an institution (if they failed to keep a parking lot lit and safe, for example) accountable. When an institution employs a sex offender and fails to supervise them, it can be held accountable. When an apartment complex fails to provide adequate security to keep its residents safe, it can be held accountable.

Whether you or your loved one was assaulted in a child care facility, place of worship, school, hospital or commercial facility, you can be confident that The Carlson Law Firm will dedicate 100% of its resources to fight for you! When you need someone to talk to and fight for your rights, you can count on the team of attorneys at our firm. We can help you determine whether you can hold the perpetrator, landowner, employer or another party accountable for the harm you suffered.

When can I sue a business?

When can a facility be held responsible?

When it negligently hired the perpetrator without doing an adequate background check

When it negligently supervised its employees

When it negligently retained an employee after potential predatory signs

When it negligently trains its employees on how to watch out for signs of potential sexual assault

When it negligently enforces guidelines on how to prevent sexual assault

When it negligently fails to supply the necessary security to protect its employees and customers

When it negligently fails to investigate complains of an alleged sexual assault

We will investigate all of the details surrounding your case and help you fight for the proper compensation. If aggravated factors existed— such as the threat of violence, the threat of injury, the threat of kidnapping, the brandishing or use of a deadly weapon or an administered substance— we will make sure you receive every penny for the suffering and duress you endured.

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