Rollover Accidents in Texas

Texas Rollover Accidents: Cause and Effect

Although specific characteristics of a vehicle should provide protection for occupants, some design flaws and defects in autos and their equipment can create an increased risk of rollover. Some common defects that can sparks dangerous and deadly accidents include:

Weak Roof Pillars

The roof pillars for vehicles provide support, reinforcing the region to prevent the protective space in a car, truck or SUV from being crushed during a rollover accident. Strong materials comprising a quality designed roof can help prevent some of the crushing blows that occur as a vehicle rolls and flips, safeguarding the neck and head from brain injury, spine injury, head injury and neck injury. Additionally, a negligently designed and manufactured vehicle roof can make it difficult for passengers and drivers to escape from harm or be rescued from within the constraints caused by accident damages.

Defective Auto Glass

Glass used within vehicles can similarly provide reinforcement depending on the strength of the material. Windows are a frightening source of ejection, especially when windows shatter, leaving occupants within a car vulnerable to partial or full ejection during an accident. Despite the higher levels of safety provided by laminated glass, many vehicle manufacturers continue to use tempered glass, which is not as effective at keeping occupants within a vehicle. For mere dollars more, vehicles can be equipped with safer, laminated glass.

Seatbelt Damage and Failure

Seatbelt failure is not always tied to a rollover accident, but the relation of how a seatbelt is attached to the vehicle can sometimes be affected during a roof crush accident. As a roof crushes it can negatively inhibit the seatbelts in a car, truck or SUV, preventing optimum performance. Fully functioning seatbelts are imperative to keeping occupants within a vehicle safe during an accident.

Tire Blowouts and Tread Separation

In contrast to being a piece of equipment affected by a rollover accident, tires can sometimes be the actual provoker of such a crash. On trucks and SUV’s that are particularly at risk of rolling, a tire blowout or tread separation resulting from defective tires can be fatal, especially when they occur on the rear tires. Old rubber, negligent manufacturing and improper installation can all lead to tread separation and tire blowouts that cause vehicles to flip over.

Most rollover accidents involve one vehicle, which becomes tripped up on a variety of surfaces, objects and terrains. Additionally, accidents involving other cars can spark a rollover crash.

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