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A blood thinning drug that is offered to patients via prescription, Pradaxa, was approved by the FDA as a treatment for reducing the risk of stroke in patients experiencing non-valvular atrial fibrillation by decreasing the ability of the blood to clot.

More than one million Pradaxa prescriptions were written by doctors between 2010 and 2011, highlighting the enormous number of people potentially affected by the drug.

Doctors do not require patients on a Pradaxa regimen to endure regular blood tests, a process that is common for patients using other blood thinning drugs.

Despite approval, the drug has been associated with as many as 260 deaths.

According to the article, Study: Higher Heart Attack Risk from Pradaxa by CBS News, patients who are using the blood thinning drug have a 33% increased risk of experiencing a heart attack or other heart disease symptoms.

Because of the increased risks associated with Pradaxa use, the FDA has begun investigating the drug in an effort to reveal whether strong regulation and warning labels are necessary, although they recently deemed the product safe, when “used as directed.”

Pradaxa and Excessive Bleeding

Certain people are at a greater risk of complications and heart attack or bleeding issues than others. Some of the groups and people who may be at risk while taking Pradaxa include:

  • Elderly (including those over the age of 75)
  • Those with issues of stomach bleeding or ulcers
  • Patients enduring problems with their kidneys
  • Patients who are already taking other drugs that promote risks of bleeding, such as aspirin

While the side effects and excessive bleeding risks are troubling, the most alarming aspect of complications is the quickness that Pradaxa bleeding can occur, turning serious and even deadly in no time at all.

Pradaxa Intestine Complications

In addition to excessive bleeding tied to Pradaxa use, some patients also experienced gastrointestinal complications, including stomach pain, heart burn and nausea among other stomach ailments. The active ingredient that surrounds the outside of the pill has been known to cause stomach irritation.

Symptoms of complications for patients using Pradaxa include many of the issues that revolve around excessive bleeding. Heavy bleeding, including menstrual, blood in your stools or blood in urine or vomit are all just come of the signs, indicating that users may need to seek the aid of a doctor or health care professional.

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Despite the negative side effects of Pradaxa use, the drug is still approved by the FDA, although the administration issued a review of the drug in December 2011. Patients who have endured serious bleeding or complications as a result of a Pradaxa regimen may require the advocacy of an experienced dangerous drug attorney in Texas and across the nation. Our Texas personal injury lawyers can advocate for clients enduring hardship as a result of injury caused by defective drugs, while seeking just compensation and holding drug makers responsible for negligence. Call to speak with an attorney at any one of our office locations throughout Texas. We care. We can help.

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