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Slip and fall accidents don’t just happen by chance; they happen as a result of negligence and ignoring the safety standards that are required by law. Even though there are plenty of safety standards, codes, laws, and guidelines for both taking care of construction areas and current properties, people too often need the help of slip and fall accident lawyers to gain compensation.

The Carlson Law Firm has extensive experience in premises liability cases and will aggressively represent your case to obtain fair compensation. Our investigative team could uncover evidence to prove liability and strengthen your case. Find out exactly how a Killeen, Temple and Waco premises liability attorney could handle your case by calling our offices for free consultation.

When a property owner does not properly care for and maintain his or her property, the situation can result in a tragic slip and fall accident. A slip and fall attorney can help you recover not only physically but also financially.


More than 2.5 million older adults visited emergency rooms in the U.S. in 2013 after being injured in non-fatal falls and more than 734,000 patients were admitted to a hospital. Common injuries include fractures, TBIs, spinal cord, neck, should and back injuries.


Cases of slip and fall accidents also include tripping and falling due to a hazardous circumstance that could have been avoided with proper maintenance. Common causes include wet floors, ice or snow, cracks, potholes, curbs, uneven walkways, unmarked spills, poor lighting and stairs that are too deep.


Slip and falls can happen almost anywhere. However, there are certain situations and locations where there is a greater chance of a fall, such as in hotels, at restaurants, grocery stores, at work and on stairs.


In the event you are injured in a way that you feel may be the fault of another, it is important you take the appropriate steps from the moment the accident occurs to protect your rights and preserve crucial evidence to prove your claim. You should first seek treatment, then avoid making any detailed statements, get names of witnesses, take pictures, and contact an attorney

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