Texas Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Texas Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

It is an unfortunate reality that insurance companies often treat their policyholders in bad faith by denying claims or restricting their coverage, despite the policyholder continually paying premiums on time.

Insurance companies think that they can get away with this practice because they know that the majority of policyholders won’t take the important step of hiring an attorney to help fight for what they truly are owed. They will just continue to give you the runaround.

What Is Bad Faith?

An insurance policy is basically a contract between two parties. The document clearly states in writing what is agreed upon between the two parties. As a policy holder, you agree to pay your premiums, to ensure you are covered. The insurer is legally bound by this contract, just like you are. However, when the insurer fails to carry out their side of the agreement, that is what we call “bad faith”.


Insurance bad faith claims can includes:


Failure to investigate a claim in a proper and reasonable manner

Withholding benefits without just cause

Delaying payment of claims excessively or unreasonably

Denying coverage

Denying payment on claims without giving a valid reason – or any reason.

Underpaying claims

Unjust cancellation of policies


What Can The Carlson Law Firm Do To Help?

When your insurance company is making the claims process more difficult than it already is, and they are stalling your recovery, it is time to seek help.

Here at The Carlson Law Firm we deal with insurance companies each and every day, therefore we have a strong understanding of exactly how they operate. Insurance companies know that we mean business. We have taken many insurance companies to court and aren’t afraid to do so again.

In Texas, when an insurance company fails to comply with its duties under the Texas Insurance Code, or fails to pay a claim in a timely manner, the insured may be entitled to statutory penalties, treble (triple) damages and attorney fees.

Contact any one of our 11 offices today for a free, no obligation consultation with a Texas Insurance Bad Faith Attorney. We have a team of professionals ready to take your call at any time. We care, we can help.

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