Wandering and Elopment

wandering elopement nursing home injury


Wandering and Elopement are related concepts. Wandering refers to aimless movement throughout the facility where the resident puts his safety at risk due to an inability to appreciate danger. Elopement refers to the resident’s ability to leave the facility unsupervised and unnoticed putting the resident’s safety in danger.

What Should Nursing Homes Do To Protect Residents From Wandering and Elopement?

Nursing homes are required to assess each resident to determine their risk for wondering. If the risk is there, the facility is to initiate a plan of care specifically designed to care for the residents at high risk for wandering and elopement.

Some aspects to such care plans include:

To consistently monitor doors—especially during shift changes where residents are particularly inclined to wander

Place residents that have been characterized “at risk” for wandering closer to nursing stations so that they can be more closely monitored

Using alarms on the resident’s bed, wheelchair or door as well as the residents themselves

Exit doors should be alarmed to notify staff when residents leave the facility

Nursing homes must acknowledge the risks associated with patient wandering and elopement and take steps to minimize incidents from occurring in the first place. When facilities fail to implement preventative measures, they may be held responsible for the resulting patient injuries. Our nursing home attorneys know the feeling of guilt that may arise after a loved one suffers an injury at a facility and always take steps to minimize the impact on you and the rest of your family while aggressively pursuing the case. If your loved one was injured after leaving the safety of a skilled nursing facility, we are interested in speaking to you. Our attorneys know how to prosecute nursing home wandering cases and look forward to doing so for you. Call us anytime to discuss your legal options.

How The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

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