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It was a record year for The Carlson Law Firm’s annual Carlson’s Christmas Miracle. Not only did the firm receive a record number of nominations this year, but in a miraculous twist—the annual giveback broadened its reach by benefitting an organization with an already impressive reach. Now that the holiday season is well underway and the gifts are tucked under the tree, The Carlson Law Firm is ready to share with the world how Craig Carlson and his team brought the firm’s signature Christmas Miracle to life—marking its sixth year of spreading cheer and goodwill across Texas. 

The Acosta Family’s Story – Austin, Texas

The Acosta family faced a tough time when the patriarch, a construction worker, lost his job. Despite eventually finding new employment, the pay was significantly lower, straining the family’s finances. Hilda Acosta, a mother dedicated to her family’s well-being, stepped up by taking a night shift as a housekeeper in a local hotel. This meant long hours and sacrificing sleep to meet her children’s needs.

Mia’s Wish

Seeing her mother’s tireless efforts and the family’s hardships, Mia made a heartfelt wish. She wrote to The Carlson Law Firm with a simple ask: to see her mother happy, with less worry about clothing and food for the family. Her simple yet profound request was a testament to her love and appreciation for her mother.

How Carlson Helped

All six children, including Mia, received warm coats, clothing, and shoes, ensuring they were prepared for the colder months. The children were gifted with joy and excitement: earbuds, bicycles, scooters, makeup, crafts, and cozy slippers.

“We couldn’t leave out the parents weren’t left out,” said Bilingual Marketing Manager Adriana Torres. “We got them clothing, coats, and special gifts to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.”

Further, the family was provided rental assistance, easing a significant financial burden.

“We also wanted to address their immediate need for food and other essentials by giving them a $500 gift card to HEB,” Torres said. 

Surprise at the Food Care Center – Killeen, Texas

In a remarkable display of community spirit, The Carlson Law Firm recently transformed an ordinary day into an extraordinary one for 200 families at the Killeen Food Care Center. On November 7, an unexpected gesture by the firm brought warmth and smiles to many faces, demonstrating a deep commitment to the residents of Killeen.

Beyond Basic Necessities

While the center usually provides food, this day was different. The Carlson Law Firm handed out bags filled with winter essentials such as beanies, socks, gloves, and a $25 Visa gift card. This gesture extended beyond basic needs, offering warmth and financial support to the families.

In addition to the essentials, the firm distributed items to bring joy to the families: teddy bears, books, assorted toys, puzzles, and personal care products. These gifts, perfect for the upcoming holiday season, were not just material items but symbols of care and community support.

Community Impact and Gratitude

Craig Carlson, the Managing Partner, expressed the firm’s intent behind this initiative. Handing out the gift cards and clothing, he emphasized the importance of such actions in building a supportive community. The firm’s volunteers met with people and families, reinforcing the message that the residents of Killeen are part of a caring community.

Carlson’s Broader Mission

The event was a testament to The Carlson Law Firm’s belief in playing a role in our communities beyond legal representation. By providing material support and financial assistance, the firm demonstrated its compassion for people, reinforcing its position as an active community member.

Ongoing Commitment to Community Involvement

The Chief Operating Officer Lisa Griffin echoed this sentiment, highlighting the firm’s dedication to lifting up those around them. The firm’s presence and actions at the event clearly indicate their ongoing commitment to community involvement and support.

Ms. Bridget – Bryan, Texas

Ms. Bridget Swanson’s is a Christmas Miracle story unlike any other we’ve done. Bridget was nominated by her co-worker Tracy Harmon—a generous and kind colleague who knew the mother of six was too humble to ask for help when she needed it. Tracey, herself a seasoned caregiver, recognized Bridget’s quiet strength and relentless dedication and chose to nominate her for a much-deserved moment of care and support. 

The Nomination

Tracey understood the challenges of being a single parent. She noticed Bridget balancing her demanding role in the nursing facility as a caregiver with the needs of her six children. Tracey saw Carlson’s Christmas Miracle nomination form time and time again and knew that it was a sign to nominate one of the unsung heroes around her. 

Bridget’s World

Amidst the chaos of caring for her patients and family, Bridget stands in unwavering love and support. The burden of ensuring her children’s well-being and keeping up with financial demands is an ever-demanding challenge. 

When The Carlson Law Firm team arrived and met with Bridget, they quickly realized the breadth of her needs. Beyond the surface, there were opportunities to enhance hers and her children’s lives. 

How Carlson Helped

Carlson Christmas Miracle brought a wave of joy to Bridget and her family. Each of the six children received new coats, clothing, and shoes, ensuring their comfort and warmth through the winter. The toddler twins were gifted with new beds, marking a new beginning in their young lives. The children’s excitement was further fueled by gifts like an Xbox, sports equipment, bicycles, active play toys, dolls, and slippers.

Bridget was not forgotten; she received gifts, a spa day to rejuvenate, bedroom furniture for comfort, rugs, dinnerware, and home decorations to enhance their living space.

In addition, the family was provided with rental assistance and a $500 HEB gift card was also given. Both of these financial gifts offered financial relief and support in managing their daily necessities.

“We hope this Christmas was more than just a holiday for Bridget,” said Carlson. “We want her to know that people see how wonderful, kind and giving she is. We’re blessed that we could be here to celebrate her.”

Caring is the Greatest Gift

These stories are a powerful reminder of the strength of supporting one another. Each family displays resilience and the unyielding spirit of making ends meet for your family. The Carlson Law Firm’s acts of service this holiday are a powerful reminder of the impact of community support. 

By extending its reach beyond the courtroom, the firm showed that it is not just a provider of legal services but a true resource for fostering a community where every member feels supported and valued.


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