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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. That dreaded phone call from a child care facility saying your child has been injured. Unfortunately, this is a terrifying reality for many parents. The facilities we trust our children to, such as daycares, after-school programs, and camps, aren’t providing the quality of care they are required, and children are being hurt because of this negligence.

Daycare workers are responsible for the care of all the children in their charge. When they fail to maintain a reasonable level of care, they are acting negligently and can be held legally liable for their actions. If your child has suffered harm at the hands of a child care employee, whether it be physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse or child neglect, we may be able to help you fight for the justice you and your children so rightly deserve.

Types of Daycare Abuse and Neglect

We understand how emotionally challenging these types of cases can be, which is where we come in. Our experienced daycare abuse attorneys handle cases involving all different types of daycare accidents, including the following:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Falls from high playground equipment
  • Choking
  • Objects lodged in ears, nose
  • Injuries from fighting
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect after an injury
  • Burns
  • Suffocation

Lack of supervision is the single greatest cause of daycare injuries. Often the supervision itself is caused by inadequate staffing. If there are not enough adults watching a group of children than it is far more likely that one of the children will get into trouble and unintentionally injure themselves.

Many times daycare negligence goes unnoticed until it’s too late. State and federal laws exist which prescribe standards that must be followed by all of these facilities and institutions. This includes removing known dangers, providing proper oversight, and maintaining appropriate caregiving items in case of emergency.

Signs Of Daycare Abuse and Neglect To Watch Out For

Daycare abuse can easily go unnoticed, which is why knowing exactly what to look for can help you to identify a problem early on before it’s too late.

Your child is always hungry or thirsty when they leave daycare.

  • Your child has unexplained bruises, welts, scratches or other injuries.
  • Your child has recurring nightmares or night terrors.
  • Your child begins to display aggressive behaviors.
  • Your child regresses to infantile behavior or clinging.
  • Your child is sent home with a soiled diaper, or has long-lasting diaper rashes.
  • Your child begins to act withdrawn or reclusive
  • Your child starts acting out in social situations.
  • Your child begins to have an unusual interest in sexual behaviors.
  • Your child develops a urinary tract infection or complains of soreness around the genitals.
  • Your child develops a fear of certain places, people, or activities; an excessive fear of going to daycare.
  • If your daycare has surveillance cameras set up in the facility, be sure you always have access to view the footage. If the surveillance cameras are always “down” when you ask to see them, this could be an indication of abuse or neglect.

daycare abuse neglect

How To Choose The Right Facility For Your Child

Parents can follow these tips to ensure that their children are being placed in a safe and secure learning environment.

  • Look up your daycare’s abuse allegation record here.
  • Check your child for physical signs of abuse before and after daycare.
  • Make sure that the bathrooms do not contain areas where children can be isolated. Find out who takes the children to the bathroom, for what purposes, and at what times. Two-thirds of all daycare sexual abuse and exploitation occurs during toileting.
  • Ask about the extent of education and training of all daycare personnel interacting with your children, and determine if they were screened for criminal history, emotional instability, or substance abuse. Be aware that volunteers or teacher’s aides are not likely to have been carefully screened. Abuse in daycare can result from a failure in the hiring process.
  • Find out who will be interacting with your children in addition to the daycare provider and staff. Much of the sexual and physical abuse and exploitation associated with childcare centers occurs at the hands of individuals not directly involved in teaching or child-care responsibilities: bus drivers, janitors, and relatives of the daycare center providers. In 36% of cases examined by a nationwide study of daycare abuse, children were sexually molested by family members related to the staff — mainly husbands or sons. Make sure that your child’s contact with such persons is limited, and question your child closely about them.
  • Discuss in depth with the daycare provider how the discipline of children is handled — who administers it, under what circumstances it is used, and what form it takes. Make sure to talk to your children each day about what happens at the daycare center, paying close attention to what punishments were used under what circumstances and any other incidents that made the child uncomfortable.
  • Make sure that the daycare center is designed so that parents are free to come and go, with no requirements to call first and no areas off limits to parents.
  • If you suspect abuse or your child is displaying any symptoms of abuse, seek help immediately.

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