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AUSTIN — On July 20, 2023, Judge Nadine Nieto of the 285th District Court signed and entered final judgment on a $325,000,000 sexual assault jury verdict. It is the highest verdict for sexual assault in Texas history, and the largest in a case against solely the assailant in US history.

The historic verdict stems from a lawsuit against a successful businessman who repeatedly sexually assaulted his grandchild between the ages of 5-8 years old. Upon conviction for the child’s sexual assault, the abuser was sentenced to prison. The child was ultimately diagnosed with an incurable STD.

Attorney Jacob Mancha of Mancha Law, with support from The Carlson Law Firm, represented the child in front of a civil jury. The assailant elected to represent himself pro se (without a lawyer) advancing, among other arguments, alternative theories on how the child contracted the STD and even brought a surprise character witness – a minister – to defend his case. The witness had ties to land owned by the assailant

Mancha exposed the nature of the witness’s relationship and true motives, along with obvious flaws in the assailant’s contentions. He further argued to the jury that they were the voice of the conscience of their community who, through their verdict, express their community’s attitudes. The jury saw through the assailant’s tactics and awarded the historic verdict, sending a message to all would-be assailants.

Initially, Mancha requested $125 million in pain and suffering, along with another $125 million in punitive – punishment – damages on behalf of the survivor. However, the jury awarded $75 million more in punishment damages than the original request.

“The jury refused the $125,000,000 punitive damages I proposed and returned $200,000,000 to ‘send a message,’” Mancha said. “The money is important because the biggest thing I learned in taking this case is that many survivors are not torn apart, they move forward. The same is true of their families. They retain hope and aspirations for the future. They simply have hurdles, but they move forward. A scholarship trust and more serves a great purpose because it moves them forward, and the community moves with them.”

It’s significant to note that the victim may never see the full $325 million, but her abuser was a successful businessman with significant assets.

“This verdict allows us to seize assets we know of and look for more,” Mancha said.

Ultimately, the jury thanked Mancha and The Carlson Law Firm support staff for allowing them to be on the jury and serve justice.

About Mancha Law

Mancha Law is a boutique law firm in Austin, Texas specializing in assaults, birth injuries resulting in cerebral palsy, and motor vehicle collisions – including trucking collisions – involving spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. We offer tailored individualized representation to a select number of clients throughout the state of Texas and consistently yield industry-leading outcomes.

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