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Filing for divorce is a complex and emotional time for the couple involved. For this reason, it is best not to go the do-it-yourself route. As if navigating the court system and drafting necessary documents wasn’t difficult enough, things get even more complicated for divorces that involve children or complicated financial issues. Also, keep in mind that a divorce is just like any other lawsuit which may require careful presentation to the Judge to make a decision. Hiring a divorce lawyer to negotiate on your behalf, advocate for you and children, and give provide you with legal advice and representation, is the first step to ensuring that you’re protected during and after your separation. Determining the best divorce lawyer for your case can save you time and protect your rights.

Do I need a divorce lawyer?

There more than 780,000 divorces occurred in 2018.  Splitting couples often start with deciding whether or not they need a lawyer. However, the question couples should be asking is not whether they need a lawyer, but rather, can we reach an agreement. Not all divorces require extensive court battles. Hiring an attorney to handle your divorce, draft all documents, and advise you about your agreement can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars later. Experienced family law attorneys handle custody and property disputes on a daily basis and have seen their share of post-divorce disputes arise. Experienced family law attorneys can help prevent an issue before it even occurs. An attorney may also be able to assist with mediation during your split. A mediator will work with both you and your spouse and your attorneys to negotiate an agreement that fulfills everyone’s needs.

Contested divorces

Sometimes there are clear signs that you’ll have a more difficult road ahead. If your spouse has already hired a lawyer then you will need to hire one as well, as soon as possible. Common reasons couples end up in more complex divorce cases are:

  • Children
  • Assets
  • Dishonest behavior from a spouse (such as adultery, hiding money or accounts)
  • Financial abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Threats against you or your children

In cases of abuse, an attorney can put precautions in place to help keep you and your children safe through the divorce proceedings.

If you decide you need a divorce lawyer determining the best divorce lawyer for your case should become your top priority.

Steps to hiring the best divorce lawyer 

The relationship between a client and an attorney is closer than many people realize. In order to protect you and your children, your attorney will need to know many details of your life. You will likely be discussing things with your lawyer that you have never told anyone else about your marriage, your spouse, and even your children. For this reason, you need to be able to trust your attorney and feel comfortable sharing intimate details about your life.

Get recommendations from friends and family

You should always hire a divorce attorney that practices in the county you live in. If you have friends and family who have been through a divorce, they likely have divorce lawyer recommendations. It is important that you trust and follow the attorney’s advice also.

Do your own research

There are several online resources aimed at helping people find legal counsel. Once you find an attorney in your area, visit the attorney’s website for more information about their practice. The attorney you choose should have extensive experience in family law including divorces and child custody. Pay attention to whether or not your attorney handles the following:

  • Mediated Settlement agreements
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Spousal support or spousal maintenance
  • Child support
  • Property division

Schedule a consultation

You can contact The Carlson Law Firm 24 hours a day, seven days a week to schedule a free consultation. Our family law attorneys offer free consultations for divorce and child custody.

Prepare for your meeting

Once your consultation is scheduled, you should begin preparing for your meeting. During your consultation, you should be prepared to fill out paperwork describing your case and be ready to answer questions about your situation. Further, you should prepare for your meeting by:

  • Write down questions you want to ask. This is important so that you don’t forget to ask questions you have during the consultation. After your consultation, you will likely have to pay for more advice or guidance.
  • Gather important documents. It is important to disclose as complete of a story as possible. Gather documents like text messages, emails, photos, and other evidence so that you have it ready if and when it is needed.

Meet with your attorney

When you meet with your attorney it’s important to pay attention to how they treat you and how they treat their staff. In addition, pay attention to their confidence when they answer your questions. Their comfort with the law will indicate just how knowledgeable they are. Further, the attorney should be able to articulate a plan of action to start or move forward with your case.

Discuss fees and payments

For most people cost is a major factor in who you choose. Be sure you discuss and ask questions about fees, billing, retainers, and future payments.

Meet Our Family Law Attorneys

The Carlson Law Firm handles divorces in Bell, Coryell, Milam, Lampasas, Williamson, Hays, Travis, Bastrop, and Burnet Counties. Our family law attorneys have the resources and know-how to get the best resolution for you and your children.

Our attorneys are offering free virtual consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your legal needs do not need to be put on hold. If you are worried about your situation, contact us for a confidential consultation.

With Carlson, you’re never alone. 

Divorce is not an easy decision to make. Simply thinking about splitting from your partner can bring pain to many hurting couples. This pain can become especially profound when you consider how it will affect your children and the time you are able to spend with them. If this is your situation, contact The Carlson Law Firm to find how we can help you. If you are in the Killeen, Fort Hood, Temple, Round Rock or Austin area, we have a divorce lawyer who will be with you every step of the way. Our attorneys will explain the divorce process to you in a way that you understand. We will make sure that your voice is heard.

Our attorneys will make the process easy and seamless. Contact us today at 800-359-5690 to schedule a free consultation.

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