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Boy Scouts Update 2023

Delaware Federal Judge Richard Andrews upheld the Chapter 11 plan of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) on March 28, saying he found no fault with the bankruptcy court’s conclusion approving the plan, clearing an important hurdle in the legal challenge. However, non-settling insurance companies and attorneys representing the victims believe the reorganization plan wasn’t proposed in good faith and improperly strips the insurers and survivors of their rights.

The ruling follows a September decision in which Judge Lurie Selber Silverstein approved the plan allowing the Texas-based organization to continue operating while compensating tens of thousands of men who say they were sexually abused as children while involved in Scouting.

History of the Boy Scouts’ Lawsuits

The Boy Scouts of America has filed bankruptcy, which has opened a claims process for people abused while in the Scouts to file claims. Filing a Boy Scouts Lawsuit is not limited to abuse from troop leaders. You can file a claim against the Boy Scouts if you experienced sexual abuse from any of the following: 

  • Assistant troop leaders
  • Camp employees
  • Volunteers
  • Other scouts

If you were sexually abused while in the scouts, you have until 5 p.m. on November 16, 2020 to file a claim.

Should I file a claim in the Boy Scouts Lawsuit?

If you experienced abuse, yes you should file a claim. Survivors of Boy Scouts sexual abuse who may be eligible for this claim includes anyone who: 

  • Filed lawsuits or claims against the Boy Scouts
  • Called the Scouts First hotline
  • Reported a claim of abuse
  • Never filed a lawsuit, entered a settlement or reported their abuse
  • Received settlement agreement, but believe they have additional claims against the Scouts
  • Experienced sexual abuse and never reported it

It doesn’t matter how long ago you were abused, you can still file a claim. 

Will I have to go to court if I file a claim in the Boy Scouts lawsuit?

Despite being called the “Boy Scouts Lawsuit”, it is extremely unlikely that you will have to go to court to get the compensation the Boy Scouts of America owes you.

The Boy Scouts of America organization has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As part of the bankruptcy process, the organization is creating a trust to pay claims filed by sexual abuse survivors.

What is involved in filing a Boy Scouts Abuse Claim?

When you file your Boy Scouts Claim, you will be required to fill out a form that requires certain information. The form will include questions about:

  • Your abuser’s name
  • Your member history in the Boy Scouts of America
  • Information about the abuse that happened to you (including what happened and where it took place)
  • A description of the harm you suffered as a result of the abuse; such as your physical and mental health, social relationships, employment ability, etc. 
  • General personal history; such as your education and employment history

Hiring a sexual abuse attorney to help you with the claims process of the Boy Scout Lawsuit will ensure that you fill out the parts of the form that are required. It is important that you fill out the form correctly before submission. Because there is a deadline, once the deadline has passed you may not be able to recover money for the abuse you were subjected to. 

If you were in any of the following BSA programs, you are eligible to file a Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Claim.

  • Cub Scouts
  • Webelos
  • Blazer Scouts
  • Sea Scouts
  • Explorer Scout Posts
  • Boy Scout Troops
  • Other affiliated Boy Scout programs

Do I need a lawyer to file a Boy Scouts Claim?

Anyone can file a claim, however, because the claims window is limited, you may want to seek help from an experienced sexual abuse lawyer. A victims’ attorney will be able to look over your documentation and make sure you’re submitting the proper paperwork. 

How much does a Boy Scouts Lawsuit Lawyer cost?

A victims’ advocate lawyer will not charge you any upfront fees. The Carlson Law Firm will only be paid if you receive a settlement from the Boy Scouts of America.

Who can I talk to about filing a Boy Scouts Lawsuit?

A sexual abuse lawyer from The Carlson Law Firm will be happy to consult with you during a free and confidential case evaluation.

How much money will I get for my Boy Scouts Claim?

As of now, there is no exact number for how much Boy Scouts sexual abuse survivors will receive. However, between 2017-2019, BSA has paid $150 million to survivors who have filed lawsuits. Because the organization has billions of dollars in assets, it is unclear how much the judge will set aside for survivors who file claims.

Am I joining a class action if I file a Boy Scouts Lawsuit?

No. The Boy Scouts cases are individual cases that The Carlson Law Firm is handling. In other words, we will handle your case and your unique circumstances so that you will be paid for your individual damages.

Get Help with your BSA Lawsuit

The Carlson Law Firm is a national law firm dedicated to helping victims assert their rights. If you suffered any kind of sexual abuse from the Boy Scouts organization’s failure to protect members from abuse, you can file a claim. There is no telling how many sexual assaults were committed against members of the Boy Scouts. No matter how long ago your abuse occurred, you can file a claim against the BSA. 

Sexual assault and abuse can take its toll on both your physical and mental well-being. We want you to know that you are not alone. Our compassionate legal team is ready to advocate for your rights and for the compensation you are entitled to. The Carlson Law Firm has the knowledge, experience and resources needed to go up against powerful organizations like the Boy Scouts of America. 

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