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Bryan police are asking the public to steer clear of the Coulter Airfield area after Sunday’s plane crash left three dead and one critically injured. Emergency officials announced they were closing off the private road of Wallis Road on the south side of the airport to all traffic. Wallis Road, however, remains open. 

According to the FAA, the single-engine Piper PA24 went down shortly before 2;30 on Sunday, Aug. 30. Bryan police are securing the scene until Federal aviation investigators arrive on the scene on Monday morning. 

Witnesses who live near the scene report seeing a plane flying at a very low altitude right before the crash before hearing what sounded like a loud car crash. 

Once the FAA completes the inspection, a preliminary crash report will be issued by the NTSB. This report should indicate what caused the plane to go down.

According to news reports, the names of those on board have not been released.

Plane Crashes Are Rare, but they happen for these 5 common reasons

1. Pilot Error

As aircraft technology becomes more sophisticated, they require more training or otherwise give rise to human error. 

2. Mechanical Failure

Roughly 20% of plane crashes are the result of equipment failure. While sophisticated technology has made plane travel more efficient, it can also malfunction and lead to catastrophic injuries.

3. Weather

Weather is much more of a hazard for small planes. In fact, small planes have 20 times the rate of weather-related accidents per 100,000 hours flown. 

4. Design defects

The MAX 8 is the most recent example of planes with design defects that can lead to crashes. The jet was grounded in March 2019 following two fatal crashes that killed a combined 346 people.

5. Negligence

At least 10% of plane crashes are the result of negligence from manufacturers, air traffic controllers, maintenance engineers, improperly loaded cargo, runway obstructions, bird strikes and other chance events. Plane crashes can also be intentional. Private and commercial planes can be shot down, pilots can go rogue and deliberately crash, highjackings or planes can even be stolen. In cases of intentional crashes, there is usually a breach of security or some other safety precaution that could’ve been taken to prevent the crash. 

A Guide to Aviation Claims

Plane crashes can happen for a number of reasons. It’s important to seek legal counsel early on to ensure that manufacturers, airlines and maintenance crews followed procedures. 

If our team determines design or parts defect led to a crash, we can help you with your next steps. We believe every person who has been affected by negligence deserves justice. It is your right to seek legal help, and that is why we are here. Contact a Carlson Law Firm aviation attorney for a free consultation.

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