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What better gift for the holidays than a gift of safety, specifically car safety. This year be at peace and give a gift that shows those on your list how much they really mean to you. Equipping your loved one’s vehicle with some essential road safety devices will allow you to sleep a little easier while reducing their risk of getting into avoidable accidents. These small and relatively inexpensive items play a big role in vehicle safety and reliability especially during winter driving when road conditions can be hazardous and unpredictable. The following ideas can help you get started on gifts for the open road:

Blind Spot Mirrors

Not every vehicle comes equipped with blind spot monitoring systems. However, a simple, low cost yet effective alternative are blind spot mirrors. These tiny, adhesive mirrors provide lane visibility that standard side mirrors don’t. They are easy to install and stick to a vehicle’s side mirrors. These items reduce the chances of a left-of-center crash. The handy adhesive mirrors eliminate the dangers associated with blind spots and may prevent future car collisions. You can sleep easier at night knowing your loved one can safely change lanes and merge onto major highways.

Available for $9.99

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

While some vehicles display the pounds per square inch (PSI) on all four tires and what it should be on the cabin dash, others will only show a warning light when your tires are low. And let’s face it, the do-it-yourself tire inflation stations are not as easy-to-use as we would like. It can be difficult and frustrating to read the pop out tire gauges that come standard on these machines—especially for less experienced drivers. You can alleviate this frustration and improve a loved one’s gas mileage by stuffing their stocking with a digital tire pressure gauge this Christmas. This digital tire pressure gauge displays tire PSI making it easy to understand and can be used anywhere, anytime. No more driving out of your way to a gas station to check your tire pressure. This accurate device’s digital display is easy to read and comes backlit in case of nighttime emergencies.

Available for $11.31

Battery Jump Starter

Realizing you have a dead battery when no one is around is anyone’s worst driving nightmare. Help your loved ones avoid this frustrating and sometimes dangerous situation by gifting a jump starter this holiday season. The Stanley FATMAX delivers jump-starting power with 700 peak amps and 350 instant starting amps. Finding someone to provide a jump-start won’t be a worry with this handy jump starter is sitting in the trunk. They’re great for starting a car, and parents of teen drivers have peace of mind knowing it is also a backup charger for cell phones—helpful in a power outage. The Stanley FATMAX also features a 120 PSI air compressor to inflate tires with low pressure and is equipped with a high powered LED light in case the car trouble occurs at night.

Available for $39.97

Emergency Roadside Kit

No one expects to have car trouble, leaving them stranded on the side of the road. However, it does happen without warning. This AAA Roadside Emergency Kit is perfect for new drivers and seasoned drivers alike. The kit includes jumper cables, a flashlight, and first aid kit, along with more than 40 other essential components you may need in the event of an emergency. An emergency roadside kit will not only provide peace of mind, but it may also actually save a life. This gift is suitable for any driver on your list!

Available for $32.66

Cell-phone Holder

If your vehicle does not come equipped with a navigation system, it is likely you are using your cell phone for driving directions. While our phones are just as accurate as dedicated GPS systems, it is not safe to look down at your phone or drive with one hand on the wheel and the other handling the device. For those loved ones who enjoy hitting the road for a long drive, a cell phone holder is an extremely useful gift that has the added bonus of boosting their safety. This simple-to-install gadget mounts to a vehicle’s windshield or dash and fits most smartphones. Drivers can type in the directions to their destination then place their cell phone in the holder for convenient and safe navigation assistance.

Available for $12.95

Seat Gap Filler

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car collisions. In fact, 3,450 lives were lost due to distracted driving in 2016 alone. If we’re being honest, who hasn’t dropped their cellphone while driving between the seats? Suddenly, it becomes a mission to recover anything that has fallen in between the seats, and extremely dangerous to attempt while driving. However, many of us have done so and will probably continue to do. The Seat Gap Filler sounds funny but it is the perfect way to avoid potential accidents caused by distracted driving while digging for lost treasures in the seat gaps. Not to mention it is the perfect companion gift to the cell-phone holder mentioned above.

Available for $19.99

Pet Barrier

For many pet owners, traveling with their fur baby is a must. However, depending on your pooch, this may be a safety issue. Some dogs may get excited and jump from the back seat to the front seat causing a great distraction to the driver. To avoid this dangerous situation from potentially harming your loved one while driving, consider a pet barrier. This pet barrier is a simple mesh netting that easily attaches to your vehicle to contain your precious pets to the backseat. Loved ones will still be able to take their pup on trips, but will have a much easier time paying attention to the road.

Available for $15.99

Flare Kit

People pulled over to the side of the road due to car trouble are in danger of being struck by oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, many people do not follow the move over law which leads to catastrophic injuries and even death. It is critical to have something to catch the attention of approaching vehicles, especially at night when visibility decreases. The Original Highway Flare Kit comes with six 30-minute highway flares and a free high visibility safety vest. These items are essential for protecting the occupants of a vehicle during a roadside emergency.

Available for $20.99.

Car Safety Hammer and Seatbelt Cutter

A car safety hammer and seatbelt cutter are lifesavers for anyone trapped in their vehicle. For example, if you are involved in a car collision that jams your seatbelt buckle or door and you need to quickly escape the vehicle, this seatbelt cutter and safety hammer combo can save your life. This device fits on the side of your door for easy access.

Available for $13.99

Car Jack

Most of us feel prepared by having a spare tire in our vehicle. However, what good will that tire do if you don’t have a car jack as well? This LiftMaster Hydraulic floor jack is the perfect answer. Depending on whom you are purchasing for, you might want to ensure they know how to fix a flat!

Available for $35.99

Give The Gift of Safety This Holiday Season

Roadside emergencies happen when we least expect them. Gifting something that will attribute to car safety is often not on the top of our minds. However, your friends and family will be thankful you not only thought of their safety but also gifted something that could end up saving their lives. Talk about the best gift ever!

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