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A White and Carlson client received his certification in Drilling Fluids Engineering after a severe workplace injury left him unable to return to his previous role.

In August 2017, Shawn Harmon was employed by Cactus Wellhead. As part of his employment, he installed tubing heads on well sites. During the installation of the tubing head, Harmon put his hand on or near the eye of the tubing head to remove it.

Without warning, a coworker operating the forklift raised the boom without first checking if it was safe to do so. Typically, the person operating the forklift should get the “all clear signal” prior to raising the blades. This act of negligence led to Harmon’s left thumb being pinched between the lift eye and the lift eye bolt. In the process, the tip of Harmon’s thumb was severed. His injuries were so severe that he required immediate medical and surgical intervention.

This workplace injury seriously derailed Harmon’s career in the oilfield. Harmon worried about how he would provide for his family. His severed thumb ultimately prevented him from continuing to work in the same position as a Cactus Wellhead employee.

The Importance of Filing a Workplace Injury Lawsuit

The oil and gas industry leads other industries when comes to the severity of workplace injuries. Without a qualified attorney, there is no guarantee that you will get fair compensation for your workplace injuries.

Rather than risk getting an unfair offer from the company for its negligence, Harmon sought the help of an attorney. Upon taking his case, attorney Brantley White hit the ground running. In December 2018, White secured a significant settlement for Harmon. The settlement breathed new life into Harmon’s oilfield career. In addition to providing ongoing medical treatment, the money provided an opportunity for Harmon to further his education. 

Harmon began attending the Texas Petroleum Institute to complete certification in Drilling Fluids Engineering. On March 1, 2019, he received his certification. As a Drilling Fluids Engineer—or Mud Engineer—Harmon can work on an oil well or gas well drilling rig. His new education secures him a role that will make him responsible for ensuring the properties of the drilling fluid are within specifications.

Most importantly, his certification as a ‘Mud Man’ ensures that his family is taken care of.

How White and Carlson Helps

Alongside White and Carlson, The Carlson Law Firm has a 40-year history dedicated to helping victims of personal injuries rebuild their lives. Mr. Harmon is just one example of how our firm takes on even the most difficult cases and gets our clients the recoveries they deserve.
Our clients can count on us to represent them with fearless determination. Our personal injury attorneys have committed to ensuring our clients receive the maximum compensation they deserve for their injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries as the result of workplace negligence, contact The Carlson Law Firm. We are ready to meet with you to discuss your legal options.

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