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As our kids head back to school, we begin to think about their safety. We want to educate them about unforeseen dangers while walking to school, taking the bus or even the chance of gun encounters on campus. However, one thing we may fail to consider is the chance that our kids encounter unfamiliar dogs. As summer wanes, parents need to consider warning children to remain mindful of dogs they don’t know. Not every dog is friendly, and some dogs will attack people without warning or provocation. A 14-year-old Carlson Law Firm client and her family have been dealing with the fall out of a dog attack that left her hospitalized for a week.

After completing her first day of school, our young client was walking home alone. While just a few blocks from her house, two aggressive pit bulls ran from their yard and attacked our client. The two dogs grabbed her by the lower half of both legs and attacked her in the street.

A nearby neighbor witnessed the vicious attack and ran to our client’s aid. Fortunately, the witness was able to get the dogs off of her. The attack left our client with as many as 26 wounds including a one-inch laceration to her calf.

Emergency medical services were dispatched to the scene and our client was transported to the hospital. She stayed hospitalized for one week while undergoing a series of treatments and examinations.

“As a result of the negligent dog owner, my client was viciously attacked just a few blocks from her house while walking home from school,” said attorney Steve Dummitt. “Our client was unable to attend school for weeks and could not sleep because of the severe pain in her leg. In addition to the physical scarring, she is too embarrassed and ashamed to wear shorts in public.”

Pet owners have a legal responsibility to prevent a dog attack. Pets should be secure in gated yards or on a leash.

“The three citations the dog owner received in no way equalizes my client’s horrifying experience. The owner knew his dogs had attacked someone in the past, yet allowed the dogs to roam the neighborhood when children were walking home from school,” Dummitt said. “San Antonio ranks number six in the country for the number of dog attacks. To curb this, we have to hold these negligent dog owners accountable for their actions.”

The Carlson Law Firm Can Help With Dog Attack Injuries

Approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the U.S. each year. Dog bites pose a grave health risk to communities at-large and the individuals on the receiving end of an attack. Unfortunately, children are more likely than adults to be outside, and they’re also much more trusting of animals. At The Carlson Law Firm, we know that every dog attack case is unique. Our firm has been advocating for dog bite victims for more than 40 years. A Carlson Law Firm dog bite lawyer will pursue civil remedies for individuals who sustained a bite injury. Our firm employs attorneys, nurses and private investigators who fight for you and investigate your potential claim. We can determine the situation surrounding the bite and get you the best recovery possible.

Contact our team for a free consultation. Let a dog bite lawyer from The Carlson Law Firm guide you through the process of recovery.

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