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A Carlson Law Firm client is suing a Cypress, Texas Buffalo Wild Wings after contracting a coinfection of Norovirus and Clostridium difficile toxin. Our client was 16 weeks pregnant at the time and spent five days in the hospital with food poisoning as a result of the restaurant’s food mishandling.

Following her hospitalization, our client spent several weeks recovering. The illness weakened her body and made it difficult for her to complete her usual day-to-day activities. She lost 14 pounds making her pregnancy high risk.

According to the Mayo Clinic, both the Norovirus and Clostridium difficile are infections spread through fecal matter. As a result, these infections likely occur due to improper handwashing.

In early December 2016, our client went to the restaurant expecting a good meal. However, hours after eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, she became seriously ill. Our client went to the emergency room presenting with food poisoning symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. After a physical examination, doctors noted that she had significant pain in her stomach and yellow vomit. In addition, blood reports revealed she had a higher than normal white blood cell count. A high white cell count is a sign of an inflammatory response as a result of the infection.

The severity of our client’s condition called for doctors to put her on a nil per oral (nothing through the mouth) diet. Doctors also ordered IV hydration, serial abdomen examinations and repeated white blood cell count tests. For five days, our client received treatment from multiple doctors. Additionally, she endured several tests incurring medical debt worth tens of thousands of dollars.

As a result of Buffalo Wild Wings’ negligence, our client suffered a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain and suffering. In addition to medical bills, our client missed one week’s worth of work.

“Food poisoning cases are challenging cases and often don’t rise to the level of necessitating a lawsuit.” attorney Kathryn Knotts said. “However, our client was hospitalized for five days and her pregnancy was labeled high-risk as a result of what was most likely improper handwashing. The only way to hold restaurants accountable for their duty to properly handle food is through a lawsuit such as this.”

This lawsuit highlights the importance of restaurant food safety. Certain medical conditions, including pregnancy, put the well-being of unsuspecting patrons at a higher risk when exposed to tainted food. Restaurants have an obligation to all customers, including those with higher risks, such as the elderly, young children and pregnant women.  

“Food poisoning during pregnancy doesn’t just endanger the life of the mother, but also the child,” Knotts said. “Babies have immature systems and mother’s infection from food poisoning can seriously endanger the life of her unborn child. That’s why we have laws that enforce restaurants to use the best food safety requirements.”

The Carlson Law Firm Can Help Food Poisoning Victims

Food poisoning cases are incredibly difficult to prove. Restaurants have many defenses against food poisoning claims and will try to shift or avoid responsibility. If you incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills as a result of restaurant negligence, contact The Carlson Law Firm.

Kathryn Knotts is an award-winning personal injury attorney in Bryan, Texas. The Carlson Law Firm is a Texas-based national law firm committed to providing exceptional legal services. We represent clients in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, dangerous drugs and defective products, mass torts, bankruptcy, family law, criminal defense, military criminal defense, nursing home abuse and consumer protection. The Carlson Law Firm has been successfully representing clients for over 40 years with 12 offices all over Texas.

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