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In 2020, looking for legal representation for an injury is as easy as typing “personal injury attorney” into the search bar of your smartphone. While this simple approach will turn up several search results, we advise against choosing just any attorney. In fact, there are several criteria that you should consider when choosing a personal injury attorney. 

When you are sick, you don’t just go to any doctor. You find a doctor that specializes in the area of medicine of your condition. The same selection process should apply when you are selecting an attorney. Every attorney has an area of law that they dedicate the majority of their focus to. As a result, these attorneys become familiar with the processes it takes to successfully resolve these types of cases. Choosing an attorney who represents clients with a situation similar to yours is the best way to ensure you’re represented to the fullest.

8 Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

While we encourage you to hire an attorney as soon as possible, it’s also important that you do your research and hire the right attorney. Keep in mind the following best practices when selecting an attorney. 

1. Trial experience

Finding a personal injury attorney is easy, however, finding a personal injury attorney with trial experience, not so much. Hiring a personal injury attorney with trial experience guarantees an accident victim will receive the verdict they deserve. This is because trial attorneys aren’t afraid to take a case to court. Attorneys who lack trial experience will be more likely to settle or will need to outsource to a trial attorney. In order to maximize time and the compensation you receive, it’s best to hire an attorney with trial experience from the get-go. 

2. Resources

The experienced trial attorney you hire should work within a firm that has the means to take your case to trial should it come to that. Trials can be expensive and sometimes require expensive experts. It’s important to hire an attorney who will spare no expense in telling your story and proving your case in a courtroom. 

3. Proven success

Hiring an attorney with a successful track record increases your chances of a favorable recovery. While it may be tempting to cut an attorney out of the process altogether, it’s important to recognize that attorneys have experience in dealing with insurance companies day in and day out. 

4. Focused practice

When hiring a personal injury attorney, you want to hire an attorney that only handles personal injury. There are some lawyers who try to do everything. While it’s OK to hire a firm that has several different departments, it’s important that you research the attorney you hire. Qualified personal injury attorneys have extensive bios that detail their experience and success in their field. 

5. Represents only personal injury victims

There are some firms that represent both victims and the insurance companies responsible for paying out claims. However, it’s important that you choose a firm that doesn’t have these kinds of conflicts. To ensure that you are receiving the best possible legal representation, the attorney-client relationship should not have any factors that might influence the way you’re represented. 

6. Testimonials / Reputation

Ask your friends and family for attorney recommendations. These personal connections can direct you to a compassionate and caring attorney. 

7. Contingency 

Many people avoid meeting with an attorney because they are afraid of the costs. However, a good personal injury attorney will take your case with no upfront charges. We say this makes a personal injury attorney good because it means they will work harder to ensure you receive a favorable recovery. At The Carlson Law Firm, we don’t get paid unless we successfully resolve your case. 

8. Disciplinary record

Attorneys can be disciplined for various reasons. Anything from failing to pay their bar dues to gross ethical violations such as non-payment of child support can result in disciplinary actions. It’s important when you hire an attorney that you understand any disciplinary actions as well as whether or not they’re eligible to practice law in your state. It’s totally fair to ask about any disciplinary actions during a consultation. 

Sit down for your consultation

Ideally, sitting down to meet with an attorney in person at their office is the best way to figure out if this is the professional you want to represent you. Don’t be afraid to go into the meeting with questions about their experience, education, memberships and trial history. 

Your consultation is a time to tell your story and get your potential attorney’s feedback on your case. This is the best way to decide whether or not this is the right personal injury lawyer for you. 

In addition, your consultation is the best time to review all of the paperwork the attorney wants you to sign. Make sure that you fully understand what you are signing on to. During the consultation, it’s important that you leave the attorney’s office with some knowledge on the following:

  • What you can expect from start to finish
  • Your attorney’s fees
  • Information, evidence or documents you’ll need to gather
  • A timeline of how long your case will take
  • The danger posting to social media poses to your case
  • How long you have to file a lawsuit
  • The process involved in filing a lawsuit
  • The kind of representation your attorney can provide

The Carlson Law Firm Experience

You want to hire an attorney that you feel comfortable with. The compassionate attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm are ready to answer all of your questions in order to meet your legal needs.

The Carlson Law Firm is a nationally recognized personal injury law firm. We strive to be the premier law firm in the country through excellent customer service and world-class legal representation. Our personal injury attorneys will provide you with updates about your situation every step of the way. We provide a level of representation that has been recognized by legal organizations as well as clients. Our board-certified attorneys provide the kind of comprehensive support you need as you navigate the American legal system. At The Carlson Law Firm, we recognize that each client and each case is unique. With a staff of more than 150, we give each case the individual attention it deserves. 

We are here to provide the support you need.

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