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The Carlson Law Firm’s John Fabry has joined Brent Coon & Associates in representing affected businesses and residents in the area in a class-action lawsuit following the Kansas City Southern Railway Company’s (KCS) train derailment in Orange County, Texas. 

On Oct. 29, 2020, a freight train owned by the KCS derailed and left thousands of area residents and businesses in Mauriceville, Texas in a dire situation. Residents and businesses within a 1.5-mile radius of the derailment were evacuated until crews were able to clear the site. The derailment was the result of KCS’ negligence which cost businesses and families millions of dollars.

According to reports, 15 of the derailed cars were loaded with potentially highly toxic and flammable materials. The crash resulted in several square miles near the tracks that had to be evacuated, widespread power outages and significant losses for residents in the area. 

Who are lawyers representing in the KCS Train derailment class action?

Lawyers in the KCS derailment class action are representing businesses and individual people and their families against the large corporation. 

“The class action is a legal tool to help level the playing field between the individual and a large corporation such as KCS,” Fabry said. “These actions provide a more efficient way for the judicial system to conduct litigation for similarly situated individuals, eliminating the need to relitigate common issues in a large number of individual cases. The effectiveness of Class Actions in helping individuals to hold large corporations accountable for their conduct is probably why they have been under almost constant attack by business interests.”

The collision affected businesses, schools and parents who were left unable to work because students weren’t able to go to school. In fact, residents of the area were forced to leave and find accommodations at hotels. Many of the hotels were packed with contractors and hurricane evacuees that had already devastated the area months before. 

“At this unique time when most Americans are facing grave health and financial insecurity due to the global pandemic, the negligent conduct of Kansas City Southern makes the situation worse for the residents of Orange County, Texas.”

Speak with a KCS train derailment lawyer

If you live in the Mauriceville area and were negatively affected by the KCS train derailment, contact The Carlson Law Firm at 800-359-5690 to speak with a qualified legal representative.

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