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AUSTIN —The Carlson Law Firm was tapped by an out-of-state attorney to assist in a trucking crash that re-injured the firm’s client. 

Our client, a commercial truck driver, was recovering from a previous crash and had just returned to work driving his truck. The client was stopped at a Texas truck stop, taking a lunch break from a long interstate haul. While seated at a table in the rear quarters of his truck, another truck clipped our client’s stopped vehicle while attempting to exit his parking spot. Though the impact was at a low rate of speed of about 3 mph, our client was knocked to the floor of his cab and sustained severe injuries to the neck and back, including re-injuries in the same areas. 

The defendant in this case was another truck driver operating a large 18-wheeler. When the defendant was exiting a parking space, they made a sharp left turn and, without warning, struck our client’s parked vehicle. The defendant’s rear tire collided with our client’s truck.

After the collision, our client was in immediate pain and sought medical attention after returning home from this trip. During a medical exam, doctors found that he suffered injuries to the same body parts from a prior crash that had been repaired only months before. 

The Carlson Law Firm argued on behalf of the client that the defendant was grossly negligent through their failure to assess the situation in the parking lot, which led to the collision with our client’s stationary vehicle. 

Because of a thorough investigation and skilled application of the law, The Carlson Law Firm’s North Austin office was able to negotiate a $2 million resolution prior to going to trial. 

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