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The battle to put out the wildfire known as the Mesquite Heat Fire continues to rage on as containment reaches 63%, according to a Texas A&M Forest Service Facebook post. The forest service also reported that more accurate mapping reduced the estimated size of the wildfire to 10,960 acres.

What is the Mesquite Heat Fire?

The Mesquite Heat fire began on May 17 along HWY 277 about 17 miles southwest of Abilene, near the town of View. Almost immediately after the fire started, the Taylor County Sheriff’s office posted a message on social media to evacuate residents in the surrounding areas. The cause of the fire has not been determined. Though no injuries or fatalities were reported, the fire has destroyed 20 houses, along with other structures, cattle, and wildlife.

Fortunately, the weather over the last few days has helped contain the fire. The cooler temperatures and half inch of rain received on Tuesday kept the fire from spreading further and allowed firefighters to increase containment efforts.

The crews responsible for putting out the fire are large and have heavy machinery at their disposal. An update stated that resources for the Mesquite Heat Fire included 236 people, a helicopter, 29 engines, a tractor plow, and nine dozers.

Drivers in the Abilene area are advised to be watchful for firefighters and recovery crews.

Which Areas are Still Uncontained?

Despite the seemingly unrelenting heat, firefighters have worked hard to contain and put out the fire. Fire crews are still working to contain the eastern and western flanks, but reports state that the fire no longer threatens residences or major roadways. According to Abilene Reporter News, uncontained areas include:

  • Western flank: southwest of the end of Hidden Road south and stretching back to the top of the hills near the U.S. Highway 277 rest stop about two miles north of Coronado’s Camp.
  • Eastern flank: Braune Road that runs along the railroad tracks and parallel with FM 1235.

The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

Tragically, dozens of families have lost their homes and property. Many of those families had only minutes to collect necessities and valuables before fleeing the area. Though much of what was lost is irreplaceable, there are opportunities for financial assistance for both insured and uninsured people.

If a fire has destroyed or damaged your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Fire Damage Lawyer from The Carlson Law Firm. Our compassionate attorneys will provide you with legal guidance to get you what you’re entitled to. We care, and we can help.

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