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Midland police have charged two coaches and three administrators after they say a student was sexually assaulted during a baseball practice. The five school employees were arrested on Wednesday, Feb. 16 and charged with Failure to Report With Intent to Conceal Neglect or Abuse. Midland sexual assault lawyers at The Carlson Law Firm are looking to investigate other potential cover-ups and claims against Midland Christian School. 

What Happened at Midland Christian School?

On Jan. 20, 2022, a student was sexually assaulted during baseball practice at Christensen Stadium. The Child Advocacy Center interviewed the victim who was assaulted in the locker room while he was changing. According to the student, the lights were suddenly turned off while he was changing his clothes. 

According to news reports, another student told the victim that it was “freshman initiation day” before someone began to hit the victim. The victim disclosed that he was then pushed to the ground while still being hit and screamed at. He stated that he attempted to hit his attacker back, but was told he can’t hit back. According to the affidavit, the victim then stated he was sexually assaulted with a baseball bat. 

Which Midland Christian School Employees were Arrested?

While Midland police didn’t release the names of those arrested, affidavits obtained by a local news station show Barry Russell, Gregory McClendon, Matthew Counts, Jared Lee and Dana Ellis were all interviewed regarding a sexual assault that occurred during a school function. 

Those who were arrested for their alleged involvement in the cover-up, held various roles in the school: 

  • Lee is the superintendent;
  • Ellis is the secondary principal;
  • Counts is an assistant principal and coach;
  • McClendon is listed as athletic director and football coach; and 
  • Russell is the baseball coach

The above parties were arrested because they were all aware of the sexual assault and failed to report the incident as required by the Texas Family Code. In fact, when Midland police spoke to Lee on Feb. 14, Lee said that he would not turn over requested documentation about the incident, nor would he answer any more questions over the phone. However, through a search warrant, police were able to obtain documents concerning the investigation. Officers stated that the documentation was essentially nothing and had only been created a few days prior. 

Further, emails obtained by Midland Police Department reportedly showed a clear refusal to report the abuse to authorities. 

What Happened to the Midland Christian School Students Responsible for the Attack?

According to Midland Police, one juvenile has been arrested. His name and charges have not been released at this time. 

Are Past Students Eligible to File Civil Lawsuits Against Midland Christian School?

Knowing your rights after suffering any kind of abuse on school grounds is important to ensure these types of incidents never happen again. Victims abused at Midland Christian School, should contact a Midland Sexual Assault Lawyer for a free and confidential case review. 

The Carlson Law Firm offers legal representation on contingency—which means you don’t pay unless we successfully resolve your case. 

The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

For the pervasive assault culture to end, combating sexual assault must include both criminal and civil pursuits. By holding schools accountable when they fail to protect their students, you can potentially prevent these types of incidents from happening again. 

Schedule a free and confidential consultation with a qualified Midland Sexual Assault Lawyer to discuss your potential claim. We’re available 24/7, contact us at 432-247-6611 or use one of the convenient text or chat options below. 

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