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Health officials have said that Indian Oaks Living Center located in Harker Heights, Texas has the most total confirmed positive tests for coronavirus of any nursing home or assisted living center in Bell County. 

As of Wednesday, Indian Oaks Living Center had 85 confirmed cases, 62 of the cases are residents and 23 of them are staff members, according to the Bell County Public Health District. The nursing home has five deaths related to coronavirus. 

According to the Herald’s data by the health district, there are currently no Killeen nursing homes with any coronavirus-related deaths or positive cases.

According to the health district, 290 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Bell county nursing homes as of Sept. 2, with a total of 21 deaths. Earlier in the week, however, the health district said that 39 deaths from COVID were from Bell County nursing homes.

Amanda Robison-Chadwell, director of the health district, explained that some deaths may have turned out not COVID related or counted towards another jurisdiction. 

An Ongoing Problem

Nursing homes have long struggled with infection control. During normal times, residents have regular contact with family members or people who can advocate for their safety. However, with the pandemic forcing physical distance, visits and halted inspections, affecting resident safety and health transparency.

Although the state is still conducting infection control visits during the pandemic, the visits are less comprehensive than the annual inspections and focus mainly on personal protective equipment supply, handwashing, and isolation of infected residents. 

With cases of COVID-19 climbing, care homes are hot spots because they combine various factors for transmission: congregate living, mostly elderly population with underlying health conditions, security rules, personal protective equipment, inadequate staffing, and infection control for an emergency. 

COVID-19 Cases at Bell County Nursing Homes

How The Carlson Law Firm can Help

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