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When the quiet morning routine of Shepherd, Texas, was violently interrupted by a chemical plant explosion at Sound Resource Solutions, the reverberations were felt far beyond the initial blast. The Shepherd chemical plant explosion, which occurred at approximately 8:17 a.m. at 731 FM 1127, not only resulted in flames that persisted but also led to shelter-in-place orders and evacuations.

The Carlson Law Firm has a team of compassionate plant explosion lawyers who can offer expertise and legal guidance to those caught in the aftermath of this catastrophic event.

One Person Injured in the Shepherd Chemical Plant Disaster

The plant explosion left one employee with severe injuries, including first- and third-degree burns, necessitating urgent medical attention at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. As plant explosion lawyers, we are all too familiar with the tragic consequences these industrial accidents can have on workers and their families. We are here to ensure that the injured and their loved ones receive the full spectrum of justice, from financial compensation to holding responsible parties accountable.

In the explosion’s wake, the San Jacinto County Office of Emergency Management had to make the difficult decision to issue shelter-in-place orders, initially affecting residents within a five-mile radius before reassessment allowed a reduction to one mile. School districts responded quickly, with evacuations to ensure the safety of students and staff, while traffic along US Highway 59 experienced significant disruptions. Our plant explosion lawyers are poised to help those who faced displacement, fear, and uncertainty and who now must navigate the complex aftermath of this event.

Chemical Concerns: Environmental and Public Health Risks

Authorities have reported that among the substances present at the facility were wood turpentine, phosphoric acid, xylene, diesel fuel, and several other chemicals—materials with the potential for hazardous exposure. As plant explosion lawyers, we are prepared to address these environmental and health-related concerns through legal avenues, demanding transparency and the enforcement of rigorous safety standards.

The Response from Sound Resource Solutions

Sound Resource Solutions, the company at the heart of the explosion, says that it intends to rebuild and maintain open communication with the community. While the cause of the fire is yet to be determined, the need for a thorough investigation is clear. Our plant explosion lawyers are closely monitoring these developments. Our team understands the importance of uncovering the truth for the sake of the Shepherd community.

We Can Help

In the face of this industrial crisis, The Carlson Law Firm is extending its support to the people of Shepherd. Our plant explosion lawyers are ready to assist in the following ways:

  • Investigate the full scope of the explosion and its causes.
  • Seek compensation for the injured employee and counsel other workers present during the incident.
  • Advise and represent local residents impacted by the evacuation and shelter-in-place directives.
  • Guide families through claims related to property damage or exposure to hazardous materials.

The explosion’s aftermath has left many questioning the safety of their environment and the security of their community. The Carlson Law Firm and our plant explosion lawyers are committed to delivering the justice and peace of mind that Shepherd deserves.

For those affected by the chemical plant explosion, your journey to restoration does not need to be faced alone. Contact The Carlson Law Firm, where a skilled plant explosion lawyer is ready to be your pillar of strength and advocacy.

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