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A St. Louis Circuit Court Jury awarded former NFL running back Reggie Bush $12.5 million in damages for injuries he sustained after a slip and fall on uncovered and slippery concrete surface at St. Louis’ Edward Jones Dome on Nov. 1, 2015.

The jury found that the team, which moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles in 2016, solely responsible for Bush’s injuries. The Rams will have to pay Bush, possibly along with its insurance companies. Jurors determined that The Rams negligently maintained a dangerous condition to exist in the stadium. Thus creating an unreasonable risk to injury to players.

During the 2015 game, Bush, who played for the San Francisco 49ers at the time, returned a punt. Another played pushed Bush out of bounds. Unable to stop his momentum, Bush ran from the turf on the area of concrete known sinisterly as the “concrete ring of death.” He then slipped and fell extremely hard and suffered a season-ending tear to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee. The slip and fall injury ended Bush’s season.

Bush’s legal team highlighted the danger of the field’s condition by discussing Cleveland Brown Quarterback Josh McCown’s slip on the same concrete area a week prior to Bush’s incident. McCown’s slip on the concrete lead to a shoulder injury. Bush’s lawyers argued that his injury prevented him from getting a more lucrative deal as a free agent. Secondly, his attorneys noted that the owners and operators of the dome should have covered the concrete with a nonslip surface.

“There have been hundreds of games here and they haven’t had any issues with it,” Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said.

Bush signed with Buffalo after sitting out the rest of the 2015 season. He announced his retirement last year.

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