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Carlson Law Firm client Marion Myers successfully recovered monetary compensation after a slip and fall with the help of Carlson Law Firm Partner Kathryn Knotts.

In August 2017, Marion and her husband Pat went to dine at Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant for lunch in Magnolia, Texas. While walking to the restroom on the premises, Marion slipped and fell on a slick wet surface and sustained severe personal injuries and damages. She fell directly on her right hip and was unable to stand up.

The employees at Las Fuentas Mexican Restaurant failed to ensure that the bathroom floor was in good condition for customers. Further, there was no sign or warning placed outside of the bathroom to warn of the wet floor. This negligent oversight by the restaurant was especially egregious because there was the only way into the bathroom.

Immediately following the slip and fall, our client began experiencing pain in her right hip. As a result of the restaurant’s negligence, Marion required significant medical treatment.

On the same day of the fall, she was seen by medical professionals and for the injuries that the restaurant’s negligence caused to her hip. Doctors diagnosed Marion with a fractured hip that required extensive treatment including surgery and physical therapy.

Las Fuentas Mexican Restaurants Duty to Marion Myers

Mrs. Myers’s injuries were the direct result of the negligence of Las Fuentas’ owners, managers and employees. Because Marion was a customer at the restaurant, the owners and staff had a duty to keep the premises reasonably safe for her and all other patrons. The restaurant failed to do so with their inadequate maintenance of the premises. There was no warning of the dangers they allowed to exist that directly caused Marion’s immediate and longterm injuries.

The importance of a skilled Slip and Fall Attorney

As the medical bills began to pile up for an injury that was not her fault, Marion realized she needed the help of a personal injury attorney who handles slip and falls. She contacted Bryan Partner at The Carlson Law Firm, Kathryn Knotts for legal representation.

“Because of the Las Fuentas Mexican Restaurant’s negligence, Marion has spent months recovering from her right hip fracture,” Knotts said. “She has experienced a significant decrease in the quality of her life. My job is to make sure that her medical bills are paid and she recovers for the impact it has had on her life.”

With all of the treatment she required, Marion’s medical bills totaled well into the six figures. Knotts was able to negotiate a slip and fall settlement amount that covered her bills and also covered Marion’s longterm care and pain and suffering.

“There is no amount of money that can make Marion’s life the exact same as it was before her fall,” Knotts said. “But with what we were able to settle, we’ve made sure that she’ll be able to live with the necessary accommodations.”

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