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Although anyone might consider themselves a safe driver, unfortunately, there’s still a chance of being involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, with auto accidents come along having to deal with insurance companies. It doesn’t help that you have to recuperate from your accident. Questions are thrown at you from insurance companies or others, possibly with some indication that you might be blamed for the accident or worried about getting your claim devalued for any reason. 

It is essential to know what to do if you see yourself involved in a car accident. You can do things to maximize your compensation, including having one of our auto accident attorneys on your side. Take a look at our tips to ensure that your auto claim is successful. 

Tips to ensure your auto claim is successful 

After you have been involved in an accident, you want to take the necessary steps to ensure that this accident is put behind you and a successful claim. Check out our tips to ensure that you place yourself in the best place for a successful auto claim. 

Get in contact with your insurance company

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible, no matter who is at fault for the accident. Even if the accident seems minor, it is essential to let your insurance company know of the incident. 

Document and record everything that you can

You need to file a police report. The report is important because this will serve as documentation of what happened and could be used by your insurance company to get accurate information. In addition, you may want to collect information to file your auto insurance claim. This includes: 

  • Taking pictures of any property damage, including where and when the accident happened;
  • Any injuries that you sustained; 
  • Speaking to any witnesses of the accident. 

You will need as many details as possible.

Keep and organize all documentation

As much as it is important to document as much as possible from the accident, you must keep and organize all papers and documentation in a way that you can easily retrieve. You may want to keep documentation including medical records, police reports, insurance information, any witnesses’ information, and attorney notes. 

Make your calculations as to what a fair settlement would look like

The first offer you get from the insurance company will be a low ball. The company is aware of how much it should be paying you but wants to see if you accept the first offer. To not be placed in an uncomfortable situation, the best thing you can do besides speak to an attorney is to calculate what a fair settlement would look like for you. This includes not accepting the first offer.  

Send a detailed demand letter to the insurance company

Once you have made your own calculations of what you believe your compensation should look like, you should send a letter that outlines your medical costs and out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, add any income you may have ist as a result of the accident. As mentioned earlier, the insurance company will give you a lower amount than what you are owed. You can either accept or continue to negotiate with the insurance company, but you may want to contact one of our car accident attorneys to file a lawsuit if you can reach an agreement. 

Contact one of our car accident attorneys

When you are injured after a car accident, it is important to contact one of car accident attorneys. However, there is a way for an individual to handle a claim on their own. Having an attorney by your side can improve your chance of an increase in your settlement amount and ensure that your auto claim is successful. The attorney can help you and ensure that your auto claim is successful by using the evidence and knowing what angle to approach the situation. 

Why might be reasons for your claim to be denied?

Claim adjusters, the folks that investigate insurance claims for a living, say that the following are the most common justifications insurers use to deny a claim or pay less than the full amount. 

Policy limits: If your claim is higher than your coverage limits, you could have to pay for the excess amount. The coverage you choose will determine whether the insurer will cover the claim, but nothing can be done if your claim exceeds your coverage limit or you don’t have enough. 

Breaking the law: An auto insurer can deny your claim if your incident occurred when you were breaking the law. For example:

  • You were driving without a valid license.
  • You were driving under the influence at the time of the accident. 
  • The insurer believes that the accident could’ve been avoidable.
  • You were driving without valid auto insurance. 

Additional reasons: An insurer could deny your claim if they believe that the accident could’ve been avoidable on your part or if they believe that your claim is fraudulent. Some of the things that insurers will watch out for include:

  • Not reporting the accident immediately to the insurance company or the police. 
  • Not seeking medical attention, if needed, after the accident. That can result in the insurer thinking that you are filing a claim for injuries that weren’t the result of the accident. 
  • Providing false information from when you purchased the insurance, which could result in the insurer finding out when investigating your claim. 

Don’t forget that the insurance adjuster isn’t on your side

After you’ve been involved in an accident, you will be receiving a call from a claim adjuster who represents the insurance company. The claim adjuster will act friendly, expressing concern and asking how you are doing. They are aware that they can retract more information to use against you when being sympathetic and kind. With the information they get from you, claim adjusters may use it against you to reduce your settlement offer, and it may be lower than what you deserve. 

Do you need help? Contact The Carlson Law Firm!

For 45 years, The Carlson Law Firm has helped Texans get back on their feet after a tragic incident. If you or someone you love is having trouble settling an insurance claim, give us a call to schedule a free consultation. Our car accident attorneys have the experience and resources to take on insurance companies and get you the compensation that you deserve. We care and we can help. 

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