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Tesla is recalling roughly about 158,000 Model S luxury sedans and Model X sport-utility vehicles. This recall is being issued over touch-free failures, one of the electric-car maker’s largest-ever safety actions. 

Just last month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall, saying that the touch screen in some models fail when a memory chip runs out of storage capacity. This feature affects functions such as defrosting, turn-signal functionality, and driver assistance. In addition, NHTSA says that failure of the backup camera or window defroster and defogger can lead to injury or death. 

In a letter to federal regulators, Tesla stated that it disagreed with the recall but would continue to further the investigation and provide the best experience to customers. 

What are some dangers of ignoring the recall?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is requesting that Tesla issue this recall because the screen issues could create unique risks for drivers, limiting the driver’s ability to control many systems. 

With modern cars like Tesla, more control is given to the center screens than just the radio. The large display provides safety key features, such as the ones mentioned earlier, but with the latest Tesla models, drivers may not view their speed or what gear they are in without the center screen. Drivers could be driving and suddenly the display and dashboard will go black, taking away the ability to monitor anything all while the vehicle continues to operate. 

History on recalls towards Tesla

The need to replace new hardware in a new and expensive vehicle may be frustrating and inconvenient, especially in a new model. Tesla has a history of refusing to address safety issues and issue recalls. Tesla has come under scrutiny for a series of overheating reports and fires, none resulting in serious injury. In addition, when looking at the history of in-car electronics for these vehicles, there is below-average reliability for the Model S and Model X. 

What to do now with the recall notice?

Consumers that are experiencing this problem should seek immediate repairs from their local Tesla service center. Ideally, you will not need to pay out of pocket. However, if by chance this happens, make sure to hold on to the billing paperwork. As the automaker works with NHTSA to work through this issue, there may be an opportunity to be reimbursed for work performed outside of the warranty. 

The recall will begin on March 30. 

How can The Carlson Law Firm help

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