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Texas is the largest state in the contiguous United States. To get around the state, you typically need four wheels. Unfortunately, bad drivers are earning the state a bad-driving, while putting law-abiding drivers at risk. Data compiled by SmartAsset ranks Texas drivers are some of the worst in the nation.

The Lone Star State tied with New Mexico for fifth worst drivers in America. The financial technology website used four factors to rank U.S. drivers by state:

  • The percent of drivers with insurance
  • The number of DUIs per driver
  • Average number of deaths per mile driven
  • How often residents in each state Google terms like “traffic ticket” and “speeding ticket”

Because of Texas’ massive size, everyone needs a vehicle to get around. SmartAsset’s data suggests that Texas drivers often break the law. In fact, the state ranked 9th when comes to how many residents are Googling the term “speeding ticket”.

In addition, the website found that 1.39 deaths occur per 100 million miles driven in the state. As far as insured drivers in the state, only 86 percent of Texans meet the state’s required financial responsibility law.

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