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The list of blood pressure medications that contain valsartan on the Food and Drug Administration’s recall list continues to grow. The FDA determined that brands sold under the name RemedyRepack also contain the possible carcinogen N-nitrosodimethylamine. As a result, the agency added drugs made by the company to its recall list.

The FDA has been testing additional drugs after its initial July 2018 voluntary recall from three major pharmaceutical companies pulled seven drugs from the shelves. Officials believe a possible carcinogen may be tainting drugs containing valsartan. The agency continues to test valsartan products for NDMA after it learned that Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals found the organic chemical in several batches of its medications.

Since July, several drugs have been under a voluntary recall. The drugs were tainted with NDMA—which the US Environmental Protection Agency considers a carcinogen. NDMA is an organic chemical used to make liquid rocket fuel. It is also a byproduct from manufacturing some pesticides and processing fish. In addition, the manufacturing process can unintentionally introduce the chemical.

In addition to its testing for NDMA, the agency has also begun testing for N-nitrosodiethylamine, or NDEA, after Torrent Pharmaceuticals identified the impurities in three lots of its drugs.  Health agencies around the world consider NDEA a potential carcinogen.

FDA Import Alert

At the end of September, the FDA placed an import alert on Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals. This means all active pharmaceutical products and finished products the company manufactures cannot enter the US. The FDA made this decision after its recent inspection of the facility.

What are the valsartan cancer risks?

Studies report that people who took blood pressure medication containing valsartan do not appear to have any short-term cancer risks. However, doctors are reluctant to say patients who took the drug are fully in the clear. 

The FDA is continuing to run tests to evaluate the risks from the contaminated pills.

What should I do if I take drugs that contain valsartan?

It is important to note that not all drugs containing valsartan are part of the recall. In addition, the FDA recommends continuing to take your medication until your doctor or pharmacist provides an alternative.

Check the FDA’s most updated list of valsartan products under recall.

The FDA also has a list of valsartan products that have not been recalled.  

If the safety of your medication worries you, speak to your doctor before changing your medication routine.

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