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A 24-year-old Fort Worth man died of a massive stroke after an e-cigarette explosion tore his carotid artery. This is the second known death from a vape pen. In addition, these devices have left four Texans and thousands of others across the nation severely injured and disfigured.

The tragedy occurred on Jan. 27 and William Brown passed away two days later on Jan. 29. Brown’s death certificate says that he died from cerebral infarction and herniation after debris from the exploding vape dissected his left carotid artery.

The explosion happened in a parking lot of a vape shop near the intersection of North Beach St. and Golden Triangle Boulevard in Fort Worth. The manager of Smoke and Vape DC told reporters that he called an ambulance after the explosion.

Brown had gone to the vape shop to ask for help using his vape pen. However, he did not purchase anything because the shop did not sell that brand of vape pen.

The explosion led to cuts on his lip and pieces from the device being lodged in his throat. According to Brown’s grandmother, Alice Brown, doctors knew the pieces of e-cigarette were lodged in his throat but failed to remove it.

How do e-cigarette explosions occur?

“Most e-cigarettes and vape devices are powered by a lithium-ion battery,” said Carlson Law Firm partner, Steve Dummit. “Further, these batteries and devices are manufactured in China with substandard quality controls and can often be counterfeit.”

Phones, hoverboards, cameras and even hybrid cars contain lithium-ion batteries. When these batteries short-circuit, they lead to explosions that cause several types of injuries.

“Often, our clients have suffered serious burn injuries to their face, hands, and legs with some clients also requiring significant dental reconstruction,” Dummitt said.

While these explosions are rare, they are extremely dangerous. In fact, these explosions are so dangerous that it prompted the U.S. Fire Administration to release a report titled, Electronic Cigarette Fires and Explosions in the United States 2009-2016.

There is a persistent myth that e-cigarettes and vape pens are safer than old-fashioned cigarettes. However, in addition to many of the brands containing ingredients that are not meant for inhalation, e-cigarettes and vape pens also run the risk of exploding in your pocket or while taking a puff.

The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

The Carlson Law Firm has extensive knowledge and experience with vaping and e-cigarette explosion cases. Our firm represents clients injured when e-cigarette and vaping device batteries explode spontaneously. Carlson has also represented clients when the vaping device has failed and exploded due to substandard manufacturing.

To successfully prosecute these injuries and the cause of the explosions, the attorney that represents you should have significant experience. If you have been a victim of a vaping or e-cigarette explosion, or know someone that has, please contact The Carlson Law Firm immediately to speak to a legal representative for a free consultation.

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