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Bankruptcy attorneys throughout Texas

Bankruptcy is a complex situation and something that you really do not want to experience on your own. At The Carlson Law Firm, we make sure that you are protected. We will help to guide you through the process from the beginning to the end.

Carlson Is Here to Help

Our firm is available to review your situation and we can create a plan to ensure that your bankruptcy is effectively executed and works for all involved. Whether you are looking to file a Chapter 7, a Chapter 13, or you aren’t quite sure yet what to do, we can help.

We’re Conveniently Located

With offices in Killeen, Temple, Waco, and all throughout Central Texas, we are able to reach more people and help them find a favorable resolution to their debt. Below is a list of bankruptcy specifics that we can assist you with:

  • Chapter 7

    There are two types of bankruptcy that you could choose. The first is Chapter 7. This may give you debt relief. It may help you wipe away all of your unsecured debt with the peace that creditors can no longer attempt to contact you. The experienced Ch. 7 bankruptcy attorneys in at The Carlson Law Firm may be able to help you if you qualify.

    Learn more about filing a Chapter 7.

  • Chapter 13

    Chapter 13 may be used for stopping foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment and debt consolidation. It is for those who have more debt than can be repaid each month and are therefore at risk of losing personal possessions and property.

    Learn more about filing a Chapter 13.

  • Probate

    It is understandably difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one while also bearing the burden of reviewing their assets and administering the estate.  Consulting with the caring and experienced Texas Probate Attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm to discuss the handling of your family member’s estate can be a relief during your time of bereavement.

    Putting an experienced lawyer in your corner who has been through the process multiple times can help your matter run as smoothly as possible.

    We can assist you with questions related to inheritance law, will contests, guardianships, property rights, will forms, conservatorships,  and more.

    Learn more about the Probate process.



  • Power Of Attorney/Wills

    There may come a time in your life when you need someone else to be able to legally act on your behalf. You may become incapacitated and need someone to make medical decisions on your behalf, or you may be out of the country and need someone to handle your affairs while you are away and unable to do so yourself.

    What Is A Power Of Attorney?

    Under Texas law, there are specific types of powers of attorney which may be granted. A power of attorney can last indefinitely or be limited in scope. Your POA lawyer will discuss your situation with you, to help you come to a decision as to what is the best option for you.

    Learn more about obtaining a Power of Attorney or drafting a will.