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Carmen N.
Carmen N.
I love working with them. Jessica Torres was vey patient and explain every question or doubt that I could have. The remuneration was really good and with a good time manner. I really recommend this firm.
John L.
John L.
I dealt with Langdon Southworth and his team during the presentation of my claim in the BSA class action lawsuit. Langdon and Isabel ALWAYS answered my calls and responded to my emails within 24 hours. Both were very helpful in getting evidence in my case, and helping me navigate the forms and procedures required. I am a personal injury lawyer myself for the past 40 years, ran a large office, and know quality when I see it. I saw it. I strongly suspect this team helped me make the most of my claim.
Michael P.
Michael P.
The team at The Carlson Law Firm have gone over and above any reasonable expectations in prosecuting my claim against The Boy Scouts of America. Langdon, my attorney, Isabel, his paralegal, as well as Dan and Julie their assistants, have always been available to help me. Not solely out of professional obligation, but because they are really concerned about me. Reviving a horrific past is so very painful and I’m not sure I could have made it through this ordeal without their compassionate help. These people are much more than mere legal counsel, they are like family to me.
Steve M.
Steve M.
i was treated with friendly professional service. They kept me up to date on all that was being decided and answered my questions so that i could understand them. i would absolutely use again if need be.
Tati M.
Tati M.
Erica K.
Erica K.
Daniel V.
Daniel V.
There are five people that have changed me forever with there kindness and understanding handling this incredibley sensitive case. Langdon, Tim , Isabel, Julie and of course Dan. Without , Dan i may not of had enough courage several times to continue with the case. Thank God for the whole team. My mind has gotten the healing it needed to grow up and become a real adult. Thank everyone in that office.
Jennifer P.
Jennifer P.
Langdon, Tim, Isabel, Dan and Julie have all done an outstanding job. Especially Dan he has been extremely helpful and very nice.
Shirley B.
Shirley B.
The Carlson Law firm’s BSA Legal team of lawyers including Langdon, Isabel, Dan, and Julie have been of immense assistance in our case against the Boy Scouts of America. Most recently, Langdon Southworth has put forth tremendous effort in making sure our documents filed were accurate and complete.I highly recommend this team to work for your legal needs.
Dominick F.
Dominick F.
I want to take a few minutes to thank the members of my scouting team law firm at Carlson Law Firm for helping me through a very difficult time. It’s been over 55 years since I was abused by my scoutmaster. I’ve had to deal with the stigma attached to that. your team of lawyers and other people have helped me get through this process. I can’t say enough about your staff Langdon, Isabel, Dan and Julie have been wonderful and treated me with the upmost respect and caring. They have all been outstanding and they are making me see a light out a very from a very long tunnel and now they have given me hope. Thank you so much! I know my case isn’t settled yet, but speaking for myself and I know there are hundreds in my position as well. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all your efforts and hard work. I just wanna thank you for using my pain And I hope you have a great Fourth of July 🇺🇸
anthony M.
anthony M.
Mark W.
Mark W.
I had a positive experience with this law firm and those who assisted. There was always someone available to answer questions and the communication was excellent!Thank you,SW, Client
Saf H.
Saf H.
best law firm, would recommend 10/10
Christin G.
Christin G.
Blake and Jess have been AMAZING, I got into a car accident in 2022 and Blake has been fighting to get the policy limit and provide me with the maximum settlement. Great communication throughout and overall a very happy client . I hope I will never ever get into a car accident again but if so I would only choose Blake at the Carlson Law firm .THANK YOU
Nancy N.
Nancy N.
Julie was so helpful in helping us to successfully win my case.She always kept me informed along the way with any new updates .I will be referring others to them in the future
Kimberly F.
Kimberly F.
I WANT TO SEND THE BIGGEST KUDOS TO MRS. Jessica Torres and Blake ( the attorney) I am so sorry I do not remember your last name! But these two are nothing short from phenomenal! ✨ I just got my new car, thanks to them helping me with my car accident lawsuit! I’m forever grateful, no longer feeling like my life is at a stand still! Much love & respect 🫡
Candace B.
Candace B.
Christian M.
Christian M.
Awesome awesome 😎 thanks 💯 for everything..
Blake and his team took my case knowing it was an uphill climb the whole way, even cautioning me that it would be extremely unlikely to have success. He was thoughtful, thorough, and genuine as he kept me well informed of what was happening before, during, and after my case was handled. He was realistic and practical. He was able to make a huge impact on my future by making sure that I was well taken care of following my case. I cannot thank Blake and his team enough. They are well worth calling, and will not shy away from discussing what is possible, what is probable, and what they can strive to achieve.
Robert R.
Robert R.
Great law services met my needs and the staff was very understanding of my situation and needs. I will utilize Carlson’s Law Firm in the future when needed!
Crooks_Cruz94 9.
Crooks_Cruz94 9.
Great place for vets
San Angelo personal injury lawyer

Compassionate San Angelo Injury Lawyers

Were you injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or dog bite? A San Angelo personal injury lawyer will fight to get the money you deserve.

Injuries occur unexpectedly, often inconveniently, leading to financial strains from lost income, mounting medical expenses, and significant vehicle repair costs. Our attorney understands the urgency of your financial needs during these challenging times. We are committed to advocating on your behalf, ensuring you receive the compensation necessary to address the economic impact of your injuries.

Whether you’re facing the aftermath of another driver’s carelessness or an incident involving a local establishment’s negligence, such as serving too much alcohol to a customer who then causes a DUI accident, our personal injury lawyers possess the expertise and determination to secure the compensation you rightly deserve.

We offer complimentary consultations with our acclaimed legal team, ensuring you have access to exceptional legal guidance without upfront costs.

What is Considered a Personal Injury?

Personal injury law covers a wide array of incidents where an individual has suffered harm due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another. Texas law entitles you to pursue compensation when someone else’s negligence has hurt you. The Carlson Law Firm handles diverse personal injury cases to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. We are a team of trial attorneys :

  • Automobile accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Work-related injuries
  • Product liability cases
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Other acts of negligence

If you’re unsure if you’re entitled to compensation from another person, schedule a consult with us anyway. Our team can answer your questions and help you determine if you need a lawyer. Our San Angelo personal injury lawyers have one goal: to advocate for those who have been injured, providing them with the legal support they need to recover and move forward with their lives.

We Handle All Personal Injury Matters in San Angelo, Texas

At The Carlson Law Firm, we handle all types of personal injury claims in Tom Green County and throughout the country. If you find yourself fighting an insurance company, a negligent defendant, or a corporation after a car accident or dog bite. In that case, we will hold every negligent party financially accountable for their actions.

Our compassionate legal representation has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. In your darkest moments, choose the law firm with a history of victory to get the results you deserve.

A Personal Injury Attorney Near Me Can Help With:

Elements of a Personal Injury Case

When you’re hurt, you need to contact an attorney right away. The very early stages of your case are crucial. This will be when your attorney collects evidence to prove your case. Time is of the essence when it comes to preserving witness testimony and evidence for your claim. Your attorney will need to provide proof that supports a negligence claim.

To succeed in a personal injury claim, you and your attorney will need to provide evidence for the negligence elements:

  • Duty. The person or corporation had an obligation to avoid or minimize the risk of foreseeable harm to you or a loved one.
  • Breach of duty. Once duty is established, proving a breach of duty means the person or entity failed to exercise the same level of care as a reasonable or prudent person in the same or similar circumstances.
  • Causation. A plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s actions caused their injuries. In many cases, causation is fairly straightforward. However, it can become tricky when multiple plaintiffs or defendants are involved. This is why it is essential to have a team of personal injury lawyers by your side.
  • Damages. In Texas, a plaintiff must show they suffered actual and measurable damages due to the defendant’s actions.

Speak to a San Angelo Personal Injury Attorney at The Carlson Law Firm Today

Did another person or company cause your injury? We can help hold them responsible for your pain and suffering. Our team of San Angelo personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to get you every last penny you need and deserve.

Our personal injury attorneys may be able to help recover the following damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Lost wages and income
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Emotional distress
  • And more

Our injury attorneys are here to listen to your story, evaluate your case, and guide you through every step of the legal process. We are committed to fighting for your rights and securing the compensation you deserve.

The Carlson Law Firm is Where Compassion Meets Injury Law

The Carlson Commitment

Navigating a personal injury lawsuit is not easy. It requires experience, skill and a reputation that instills fear into the insurance company. Every Carlson Law Firm attorney has courtroom experience. Sometimes, the insurance company refuses to settle for the amount you need for your full recovery. If that occurs, with a Carlson Attorney by your side, you know that you already have everything you need to get the most compensation possible.

After an unexpected injury, you’re dealing with potentially life-altering pain. The insurance company often relies on this period to swoop in and settle your claim before you 1) understand the full extent of your injuries and 2) understand you’re not 100% capable of negotiating.

This is where our attorneys come in. We will handle the paperwork and negotiations with the insurance company while you focus on yourself.

A San Angelo accident can be expensive. Between medical bills, lost wages and other unexpected financial burdens, you will face a mountain of potential debt. Our legal experts can provide valuable insight to fully understand how much a defendant should pay you for each area of your loss.

Part of our negotiation strategy is being ready to take your case to court. This is what actually helps recover the substantial compensation you deserve.

Our Lawyers

As a firm that has built its legacy and success on compassion, you’re a person, not a paycheck. Our San Angelo law office has several departments to meet your legal needs. Clients can be confident that our attorneys will fiercely protect their rights from initial consultation to resolution. Our lawyers are equipped to handle the toughest negotiation talks or the toughest courtroom. If you need legal assistance, let our San Angelo attorneys be your guide through the legal process.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Office

What started as a small Texas law office with just a couple of lawyers and a handful of legal assistants has grown to become one of the largest veteran-owned and operated law firms in Texas.

Our law office serves San Angelo, Sweetwater, Abilene, Big Spring, Brownwood, Snyder, and many surrounding areas. As one of the largest injury law firms in Texas, we remain committed to personalized representation and quality service for every client. Our San Angelo law office has several departments to serve your legal needs. Whether you need a personal injury attorney, criminal lawyer or family law attorney, you have legal advocates to speak up on your behalf available 24/7. Schedule your consultation today!

Call our Personal Injury Lawyers at 325-238-4322

San Angelo's Largest Veteran Owned & Operated Law Firm

San Angelo has a significant military community that deserves legal representation from a trusted law firm. As a Veteran Operated & Owned Law Firm, we’ve been serving the veteran community since 1976.

The Carlson Law Firm is one of the largest Veteran Owned & Operated Law Firms in Texas. With San Angelo marks our 19th location nationwide, and out 17th in Texas. Our law firm has the resources and reach to handle your claim even if you PCS out of the area. In addition to handling personal injury claims, our San Angelo law office also represents veterans in several mass torts concerning the military. We are helping Veterans nationwide with the following cases:

Our Military Connection

Our Managing Partner, Craig Carlson, retired from the U.S. Army right here in Fort Hood, Texas. We have several attorneys and staff who have also served in the military. Our team knows the sacrifices service members and their families make every day and do everything we can to advocate for America’s bravest.

One of the founding principles of our firm is to advocate for and provide superior legal service and significantly improve the quality of life for all Texas veterans and their families.

Can I afford a lawyer?

Personal Injury Clients

There are no upfront fees or out-of-pocket costs for injury clients at our San Angelo law office. We only get paid if we successfully resolve your claim.

What is the lawsuit process?

Every personal injury case is unique. However, they typically follow the following steps:

  1. Investigate. In order to build your case, the first step your motorcycle accident attorney will take is to gather documentation and evidence of your crash and injuries. This includes collecting crash reports, scene examinations, insurance, photographs, and other records related to your claim.
  2. Negotiate. Once our attorneys have gathered the necessary information and evidence to prove your claim, we will begin negotiation talks with the defendant’s insurance company.
  3. Litigate. If the defendant’s insurance company fails to offer a fair settlement during negotiations, your attorney will be ready to present your case in a courtroom.

An experienced San Angelo personal injury lawyer will ensure no stone is left unturned.

How long will my case take?

Generally speaking, injury claims can take anywhere from 18 months to several years to resolve — depending on the complexity of the claim. Your Carlson Law Firm legal team will explain the legal process to you and keep you updated along the way.

Why are You the Best Law Firm For My Case?

Choosing a lawyer is the most important decision you’ll make for your legal matter. A Carlson Law Firm attorney can make a difference in your case for the following reasons:

  • 48 years of experience handling personal injury law, family law and criminal defense.
  • Recovered millions of dollars for our clients.
  • We are trial attorneys who can handle your case in negotiations or a courtroom.
  • Our outstanding customer service.
  • Compassionate attorneys.

Can a San Angelo personal injury lawyer handle a wrongful death claim?

Yes. We provide understanding and caring legal representation to help comfort you during the worst moments. A San Angelo Wrongful Death Lawyer can help your family get the maximum compensation you deserve in a wrongful death lawsuit. When pursuing a wrongful death claim you cannot trust just any lawyer. You need an attorney with trial experience to fight for your loved one and your family if an agreement cannot be reached.

Our personal injury attorneys have recovered some of the largest wrongful death payouts in history. With Carlson, you know you’re hiring a law firm with the resources, knowledge and skill to back you during life’s toughest moments.

If you’ve lost a loved one, schedule a free, confidential consult with our team.

Meeting With a San Angelo Attorney

What do I need to bring to a consult with an injury attorney?

Bring anything and everything you have that is related to the incident that led to your injury. If you don’t have documents, our San Angelo personal injury lawyers will begin investigating and collecting the necessary information to prove your claim.

Examples of paperwork your injury attorney will need to see include the following:

  • Police reports
  • Photos of the scene
  • Videos
  • Witness contact information
  • Witness statements
  • Property damage estimates
  • Insurance information (both yours and the defendants)

Get answers today.
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Contact a San Angelo Attorney Near Me

If you need assistance navigating the legal system, call our compassionate attorneys for a free personal injury consultation.

Fill out the contact form or call us at 325-238-4322 to schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation.

The Carlson Law Firm in San Angelo

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