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Paragard is a copper intrauterine device designed to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years. It is also at the center of thousands of lawsuits filed by women who allege the device led to significant trauma often leading to surgical removal. The Paragard T380A is designed to be placed and removed without surgery. The T380A device has been shown to have brittle arms that are prone to breakage.  As a result, the Paragard IUD complications are a defective design that is especially evident when physicians go to remove the device. 

Thousands of women have filed lawsuits against Paragard manufacturers. These lawsuits allege that these manufacturers knew these devices were defective but failed to properly warn patients about the dangers. The Parargard T380A has been an incredibly profitable medical device that has generated billions of dollars for manufacturers since 1984. The complications related to the Paragard T380A IUD are another sad example of corporations putting profits ahead of people. 

What type of injuries qualifies for a Paragard lawsuit?

Women who have undergone surgical removal of a Paragard IUD often suffered immense pain before realizing the cause of the problem. Our Paragard lawsuit attorneys are offering free consultations to all women who believe they may have a case. 

Most often, our clients suffered the following injuries from a Paragard IUD: 

  1. Paragard breaks upon removal; or
  2. Paragard breaks apart on its own prior to removal and requires surgical removal.

Common surgeries that may qualify for a Paragard lawsuit include the following: 

  • Hysteroscopy 
  • Hysterectomy 

In some cases, the Paragard implant could not be removed and this may also qualify you or your loved one for a lawsuit against the device’s manufacturers. 

Paragard Breakage Lawsuits: How do I know if I have a Claim?

There are four basic steps you can use to determine whether or not you can join the thousands of women holding Paragard manufacturers accountable: 

  1. Identify that you have a Paragard IUD.
  2. Determine if your Paragard device broke prior to removal or before removal and caused your injury. 
  3. Get a copy of your medical records.
  4. Meet with a qualified Paragard lawsuit attorney. 

Paragard lawsuits revolve around clients with Paragard IUD implants. While there have been lawsuits around other IUDs in the past, joining the Paragard lawsuit means that you have or had a Paragard implant that led to serious complications. You can confirm your birth control device by reviewing your medical records or confirming the type of birth control implant with your doctor. 

Once you have proof of your implant, you then have to show that your Paragard device led to your injuries. With your medical records, you can contact a Paragard Lawsuit Lawyer to discuss your legal options through a free legal case evaluation. The lawyer and their legal team will review your medical records to determine whether your injuries rise to the level of pursuing a lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceuticals. 

Injuries from Fractured Paragard IUDs

It’s important to realize that when Paragard IUDs break, they can cause various internal injuries. Sometimes, the fragments of Paragard arms can end up embedded in the uterine wall and lead to extreme, ongoing pain. When this occurs, it’s common for the fragments to puncture through the wall of the uterus and impact organs nearby, as well as travel through the body to areas as far away as the brain. This can lead to significant health problems such as: 

  • Chronic pain
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Infertility 

Other Potential Serious Complications from Paragard Use

For those wanting to prevent pregnancy, there are serious complications that arise no matter the type of birth control. For example, when pregnancy occurs in women with a Paragard IUD implant, it is more likely to be an ectopic pregnancy

Other serious complications that can arise from Paragard include the following:


Occurring in 2-3% of patients using Paragard, expulsion occurs when the IUD has moved from its intended location at the top of the uterus. There are two types of IUD expulsions: 

  • Complete expulsion occurs when the IUD has been pushed out of the uterus and into the vagina. 
  • Partial expulsion occurs when the IUD moves out of its normal position at the top of the uterus.


Perforation occurs when the IUD pushes through the muscle of the uterus. This typically occurs during the insertion process but can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the IUD. In addition, perforation can lead to migration of the IUD into the pelvis, abdominal cavity, gastrointestinal tract and bladder. If the IUD does move outside the uterus, your doctor must perform surgery for removal.


Another serious complication is an infection as a result of the IUD. If an infection occurs, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disorder. Doctors generally treat IUD infections with the removal of the device.

Who did the Paragard IUD Defects Affect?

Paragard has been on the market since 1984. Originally, approval for the device meant continuous use for up to 4 years. In 1994, however, the FDA expanded that timeframe to 10 years. The device was used by those born biologically female in childbearing age (14-42 years old) to prevent pregnancy. 

How Much will Paragard Lawsuits be Worth?

Paragard litigation is still too new to say for sure what settlement amounts will look like. How much money a victim receives for their injuries will ultimately depend on the extent of their injuries and their attorney’s ability to properly prove their claim. It’s important that you hire a reputable attorney to represent your best interests. Mass tort cases can take a long time to resolve, therefore, hiring an attorney with the resource to sustain your case long-term is the best way to ensure your receive the compensation you deserve. 

The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

The Carlson Law Firm’s Mass Torts department is led by some of the nation’s most outstanding lawyers. Attorneys Craig Carlson and Ruth Rizkalla are taking on clients nationwide for the ParaGard lawsuit. If you’ve suffered organ perforation, migration or underwent surgery after a device insertion, call our compassionate legal team. We are ready to help you recover and get the compensation you deserve.

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