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The Ozempic lawsuit is in its earliest stages. In other words, a newly filed lawsuit has cleared a path for plaintiffs’ attorneys to begin collecting evidence to determine what manufacturers of Ozempic and other pharmaceutical companies knew when they put the drug on the market and what they failed to warn patients about. As more patients discover the lawsuit, many are concerned about the Ozempic lawsuit criteria. 

To meet Ozempic Lawsuit criteria, the following must apply to you: 

  • Were 75 or younger when you began taking the drug.
  • Took Ozempic, Wegovy, or Rybelsus.
  • Required an emergency room or hospital admission to treat persistent vomiting.
  • Were diagnosed with gastroparesis, gastric stasis, stomach paralysis, or gastric obstruction while taking the drug or within 30 days of stopping.

If you meet the above criteria, please contact our Ozempic lawsuit lawyers as soon as possible at 800-359-5690.

What is Happening in the Ozempic Lawsuit: September 2023 Update

According to, lawyers began accepting clients for Ozempic-related health issues in August 2022. Legal action started when JAMA Internal Medicine published a research letter linking Ozempic to a higher risk of gallbladder disease and gallstones. 

One year later, on Aug. 2, 2023, a Louisiana woman became the first plaintiff to file a lawsuit for Ozempic’s link to gastroparesis. Gastroparesis is a severe condition where the stomach becomes paralyzed. 

As of September 13, 2023, no MDL has formed. 

What are the Side Effects of the Lawsuit Against Semaglutide?

The main side effect that personal injury lawyers accept Ozempic and Wegovy clients for is gastroparesis, or paralysis of the stomach. 

Side effects of gastroparesis include the following: 

  • Persistent Vomiting
  • Persistent Nausea
  • Diarrhea

If you were diagnosed with stomach paralysis while taking the drug or within 30 days of stopping the medication, be sure to contact our attorneys at your earliest convenience. 

What Does Stomach Paralysis Actually Mean?

Normally, the human stomach contains less than 10% of food eaten four hours after a meal without medication. When this figure increases to between 10-15%, doctors diagnose it as mild gastroparesis. The condition escalates to moderate gastroparesis at a range of 15-35%. However, exceeding a 35% food retention rate after four hours indicates severe gastroparesis.

As gastroparesis increases, a patient will likely experience the symptoms noted above. 

Which Drugs Do These Lawsuits Include?

To meet The Carlson Law Firm’s Ozempic lawsuit criteria, you must have taken name-brand versions of semaglutide. The list of drugs that our lawyers are accepting clients for includes the following: 

  • Ozempic
  • Wegovy
  • Rybelsus

The Carlson Law Firm is not taking generic versions of semaglutide. 

How Common is Stomach Paralysis with Ozempic, Wegovy, or Rybelsus?

According to a CNN Health report, gastroenterologists have seen a marked increase in people diagnosed with stomach paralysis after using Wegovy or Ozempic. This increase could partly be because of the rise in popularity of the drug as a weight loss medication. 

How Do I Know if I’m at Risk of Ozempic Stomach Paralysis?

Stomach paralysis is likely caused by a disruption of nerve signals to the stomach. Research indicates that stomach paralysis afflicts approximately 4% of the American population. Of those cases, over 80% are women. In addition, 50% of those diagnosed with stomach paralysis had diabetes before the onset of their gastroparesis. Other risk factors include the following:

  • Gastrectomy (surgery to remove part of the stomach)
  • Systemic sclerosis
  • Use of medicine that blocks certain nerve signals (anticholinergic medicine)

Stomach Paralysis Symptoms

While nausea and vomiting are clear signs of stomach paralysis, patients may also experience symptoms such as:

  • Abdominal distension
  • Abdominal pain
  • Hypoglycemia (in people with diabetes)
  • Premature abdominal fullness after meals
  • Weight loss without trying

If you believe your condition relates to using Wegovy, Ozempic, or Rybelus, schedule a free, no-obligation consult today.

Should I Consult an Attorney if I’ve Had Stomach Paralysis After Using Name Brand Semaglutide?

Yes. If you suspect you meet the Ozempic lawsuit criteria, schedule a free consultation at 800-359-5690 with our Ozempic Lawyers. We are also accepting clients who have taken Wegovy or Rybelsus. 

The Carlson Law Firm — We Care. We Can Help. 

In the fight against dangerous medications that threaten the well-being of innocent lives, it is essential to ally yourself with knowledgeable and fierce advocates who understand the depth of the issue. Pharmaceutical companies should always champion our wellness rather than compromise it through negligence or harmful products. For those who find themselves facing the grim repercussions of dangerous medications, our compassionate attorneys are ready to stand up to Big Pharma. 

Our Ozempic Lawsuit Lawyers will use our vast experience handling dangerous drug lawsuits to hold negligent parties accountable. We commit to upholding the highest standard of safety and rights for patients. Together, we can foster a society where safety supersedes profit. 

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