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Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Were you hit by a company vehicle? An attorney experienced in handling commercial vehicle accidents can help you determine your legal options. An accident with a large truck or company vehicle is not just another car accident. Often, these vehicles are driven by professional drivers and insured by significant commercial policies. Once a crash occurs, representatives from the business and their insurance carrier immediately begin investigating the accident, in an effort to clean up their mess and lay the blame on you.

Insurance carriers for commercial transportation vehicles have teams of adjusters and attorneys to protect the company from risks and expenses. Going up against these without an attorney can leave you vulnerable to losing out on damages that you deserve.

If you were hit by a company car or truck, you may be entitled to compensation. A commercial vehicle accident attorney from our firm will fight for your financial recovery while you work on your physical and emotional recovery.

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What is a Commercial vehicle?

A commercial or company vehicle is a car, van, truck, or bus owned and operated by a company. Employees or agents of that company use the vehicle to  carry out their jobs, to carry work equipment, haul goods or transport passengers. In addition, employees but may also use these vehicles for work-related transportation. Like any other car on the road, they can be involved in collisions that cause injury and even fatalities.

With so many drivers relying on highways to get to work every day, it takes just one overworked truck driver for your life to change in an instant. After all, trucks weigh 20-30 times more than a typical car, which can seriously amplify the impact and consequences of an accident.

Were you Hit by a commercial vehicle?

If you’ve been hit by a company vehicle such as a large truck, 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle, contacting a qualified Company Vehicle Lawyer may be a necessary step toward protecting yourself and your family. There’s a very good chance the collision was due to truck driver negligence, the most common form of personal injury lawsuit our Texas truck accident lawyers handle.

We cannot undo the collision or an injury from a truck accident. But we can fight to make victims what the law calls “whole” again. Our experienced truck accident lawyers need to hear your story. Our truck accident law firm handles injury cases for those involved with nearly every kind of commercial vehicle accident including:

Delivery Trucks / Vans

Fleet Vehicles

UPS / FedEx Trucks

Taxi Cabs

Ridesharing (Uber/Lyft)

Mail Carrier Trucks (USPS)

City / School Buses

Construction Company Vehicles

Garbage / Dump Trucks / Street Cleaners

Corporate Cars

Utility and Repair Company Trucks / Vans

Semis / 18-Wheelers / Large Trucks

Oil / Tanker Trucks

Logging Trucks

Amazon Delivery Trucks / Vans

Concrete / Cement Mixer Trucks

Moving Trucks / Vans

Why The Carlson Law Firm is the Right Choice for you

We identify all lines of insurance coverage

Truck accidents are inherently complicated as there are multiple lines of insurance coverage. For example, the truck and the trailer are often owned by two separate corporations and therefore, are typically insured by different insurance carriers. Because of this, we are able to hold responsible and pursue both parties for their part in the negligence that caused your injuries.

We have the financial resources to handle truck accident cases

Trucking accident cases require the help of experts since it is often necessary to prove complicated subject matters. For example, proving that a specific part failed, or that a specific hiring practice resulted in an injury, will require the expert knowledge of a hired witness. As a result, truck accident cases are very expensive to handle for a law firm. Since we have handled many different commercial truck cases in the past, we already have a network of witnesses and investigators ready to prove your case.

Do I need a Commercial Vehicle Attorney to handle my Crash?

Yes, you need a commercial vehicle accident lawyer. The moment you decide to take on a corporation of any size, you are the underdog. Companies have a team lawyers that work around the clock to poke holes in your story. Their goal is to make sure their company pays you little to nothing. For this reason, you need a qualified company vehicle accident lawyer to represent you and make sure your voice is heard.

The Carlson Law Firm has more than 40 trial attorneys who are ready to represent you in your claim. Hiring a Carlson lawyer means you won’t get a lawyer who will just settle your case. The Carlson Difference is that you will get legal help from a lawyer who will advocate for you every step of the way.

Who is Liable for company vehicle accidents?

Generally, companies responsible for the actions of their employees when their employees. In other words, any time an employee is involved in a crash while carrying out their duties, the company may also be liable for damages. Further, the driver may also be liable if negligence played a role in the company vehicle crash. In addition, employers may be liable for:

  • Negligent supervision
  • Failure to verify proper licensing / certification
  • Negligent hiring practices
  • Failure to properly train drivers
  • Failure to maintain vehicle

What if the employee is driving a company car, but is using it for personal business at the time of the accident? The company owner of the car can still be found liable in this situation. A car owner is required to use due care when allowing someone to drive the vehicle. If the company failed to check the employee’s driving record or should have known that the employee had medical or other conditions that impacted the operation of the vehicle, it can be found liable for negligent entrustment of the vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm in Texas

Hit By a company car or truck?

The following is a list a steps you should take to protect your legal rights if you are hit by a company vehicle:

  • Your Health Comes First: Seek appropriate medical attention for your injuries. Always call 9-1-1 after an accident, they will make sure you receive proper medical attention and will file incident reports.
  • Document the Scene: If you’re able to, document the scene of the crash. Take photographs of everything you see, no detail is too small. Depending on the severity of the crash, companies may send someone out to the scene to start cleaning up the mess, in an attempt to hide evidence. If you’re unable to document the scene yourself, contact an attorney. An attorney will dispatch an investigator to the scene immediately.
  • Do Not Talk to Anyone: The company’s claims adjuster may contact you. This is the person who begins protecting the trucking company’s interests right after your accident. The designated investigator collects evidence to defend or minimize the claim.
  • Contact a Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney: A commercial adjuster may attempt to steer you away from hiring a Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney. Often, they know that if you have an attorney, you are more likely to receive a larger settlement. An attorney will protect your rights and will ensure that you receive proper compensation for your injuries and losses.

Financial compensation for your injuries and losses

Your involvement in a company vehicle accident can turn your life upside-down. Suffering an injury or even the death of a loved one can cause you physical and emotional distress. The costs of medical treatment, loss of wages and vehicle repair can pile up and cause you to find yourself in financial trouble. You have a right to seek compensation for a company car accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a company vehicle accident, you need an accident attorney that will provide you with representation backed by the financial and legal resources necessary to win your case.

Ridesharing Safety: Tips for Using Uber and Lyft Services

Injured in a Ridesharing Accident?

You’re no doubt already familiar with Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services. These apps allow you to hail a ride straight from your smartphone. While ridesharing is often touted as an option to reduce overcrowded highways, research shows that may be directly responsible for an uptick in car accidents. In fact, economists found that when ridesharing companies show up in a city, accidents involving a fatality increase by 2-4%, each year. If you were a passenger in a ridesharing accident, contact The Carlson Law Firm. We have a qualified Ridesharing Accident Attorney who can answer your questions and help you determine your next steps.

While the concept of ridesharing is fairly new, The Carlson Law Firm has been representing clients in car crashes for more than 40 years. You want an attorney who understands the law and how it applies to your specific situation. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Ridesharing Accident Attorney.

Can You File a Lawsuit Against Uber or Lyft for Injuries?

Because of the business model of companies like Uber and Lyft, it is often difficult to file a lawsuit against them. However, when rideshare drivers conduct themselves in egregious ways, passengers or other motorists hurt by their actions may be able to hold Uber or Lyft accountable. For example, drivers who cause intentional harm or have backgrounds that ridesharing companies should have been aware of may be able to successfully sue a ridesharing company. A qualified Ridesharing Accident Attorney from The Carlson Law Firm can help you determine your next legal steps. In addition, we can help you determine who need to hold accountable.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an Uber or Lyft auto accident that has resulted in personal injuries, it is important to discuss your situation with an attorney as soon as possible. If you were the victim of an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the medical bills, pain, suffering and even future medical procedures. At The Carlson Law Firm, we can help you prove that the other person is at fault through a detailed look at the case. We have a team of skilled attorneys, nurses and private investigators ready to assist. Contact us as soon as possible for your free consultation.

Contact a Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a commercial vehicle crash, call a Company Vehicle Accident Attorney at 800-359-5690 or fill out a commercial vehicle accident contact form. The Carlson Law Firm has been representing victims of company vehicle crashes for more than 40 years.

Let The Carlson Law Firm Advocate For You and Your Family

The Carlson Law Firm is a national law firm with commercial truck lawyers who can handle claims in all 50 states. You can be sure that the company that employs the driver and owns the vehicle will have its lawyers and insurance agents investigating the crash within hours. Their goal is to minimize the amount of money the company pays you. Call the attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm as soon as possible to discuss your legal steps.

Not only are our attorneys passionate about advocating for the rights of passengers, but we offer legal representation with the care, compassion and dignity that you deserve.

Why a commercial vehicle accident attorney is the Right Choice

If you were hit by a company car or truck, we are the firm for you. We know all too well that accidents can add a whole lot of stress to your life. This stress is not limited to physical pain, but it also takes the form of outstanding medical bills, financial distress, and emotional suffering. Fortunately for innocent truck accident victims, there is help. Our legal team can lift a significant amount of strain off of an overwhelmed victim of negligence. Make sure you’ve got an experienced commercial vehicle accident attorney on your side.

We have been protecting the rights of injured victims across the nation for over 40 years. At The Carlson Law Firm, our first priority is your health and well-being. First, we will ensure you are receiving proper medical treatment for any injuries you may be sustained. While that is taking place, behind the scenes we will be investigating the incident. We maintain a staff that includes private investigators that will go out into the field and investigate on your behalf. Once we have all the evidence and documentation we feel necessary, a commercial vehicle accident attorney will begin the process of pursuing your claim.

At The Carlson Law Firm, a personal injury lawyer from our team will help you to file a claim to recover compensation for:

Medical bills
Rehabilitation and physical therapy
Long-term care
Lost wages
Lost earning capacity
Pain and suffering

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