“We are more than a law firm, we’re your personal team.”

Law firms today have lost the personal care and service that it takes to build relationships with their clients. Instead, they focus on how they can make more money. The Carlson Law Firm is dedicated to putting you and the success of your case at the top of our to-do list. Our firm is well-known for signature customer service and has shown our dedication to protecting and fighting for our clients. For over 40 years, we have handled countless personal injury cases by helping injured victims win their fair share for their accidents.  The Carlson Law Firm handles a variety of practice areas, including the following:

Texas Personal injury attorneys - Carlson Law Firm

Personal Injury

When filing a personal injury claim, one of the most important steps you can take is to find a knowledgeable lawyer to be your guide through the process. After an accident, The Carlson Law Firm encourages individuals to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Our Personal Injury Attorneys will provide you with the necessary information you need to begin the process of recovery,..
Medical malpractice lawyers - Carlson Law Firm

Medical Malpractice

Free Malpractice Consultations are Available 24/7 Patients put not only their health but also their lives in the hands of doctors and other medical professionals. Unfortunately, not all doctors and medical professionals take their duty to their patients seriously. Medical Negligence is Serious According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in..
Mass Tort Attorneys - Dangerous Drugs - Defective Products - benzocaine lawyer, benzocaine, belladonna, methemoglobinemia

Dangerous Drugs and Defective Products

We've always believed that one person can make a difference in the world and that one person's story matters, even if it's a lone voice against a powerful industry, a big drug company, or the producers of medical implants and devices. At The Carlson Law Firm, our team of Mass Tort attorneys understands the significance of your experience, and the importance of..
Bankruptcy Attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm


Bankruptcy attorneys throughout Texas Bankruptcy is a complex situation and something that you really do not want to experience on your own. At The Carlson Law Firm, we make sure that you are protected. We will help to guide you through the process from the beginning to the end. Carlson Is Here to Help Our firm is available to review your situation..
Family law attorneys - Carlson Law Firm

Family Law

Need a Family Law Attorney? The Texas family law attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm are experts in a variety of areas. On staff we have experienced, board certified family law attorneys who are devoted to making sure clients receive the best family law counsel available. The care and respect for our clients, is the cornerstone of what we offer. Common areas of Family..
Criminal defense attorneys - Carlson Law Firm

Criminal Defense

Need a Criminal Defense Attorney? If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, the next step you take is vitally important to your future and your freedom. At The Carlson Law Firm, we have extensive experience representing those charged with a crime. We will work every angle of your case in an effort to have your charges lowered or dropped. If you..
Military Criminal Defense Attorney

Military Criminal Defense

Fort Hood Military Criminal Defense Attorney Defending Those Who Protect Our Country The Carlson Law Firm is committed to representing military members facing criminal charges, UCMJ violations, and other administrative penalties. A Military Criminal Defense Attorney from our firm can represent clients from all branches of the armed forces throughout Texas and across the nation. Because the military criminal justice system is..

Nursing Home Injury

National Nursing Home Injury Attorneys - Free Consultations At The Carlson Law Firm, we represent individuals who have suffered injury or neglect in a nursing home or managed care facility.  We also represent families who have lost a loved one due to negligence, substandard care or abuse. We trust nursing homes to look after our loved ones when they are most vulnerable.  When..

Offshore/Maritime Injury

Injured While Working Offshore? Give Us A Call: 800.359.5690 The Jones Act is a federal law, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, which governs maritime commerce, the rights of crew members, and the maintenance requirements of boats and shipping operations. As per the Jones Act, negligence claims can be brought when an injury results from the careless acts of an..
unpaid wages and overtime attorney FLSA

Wage Theft

National Employment Attorneys The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that provides a range of rights to employees, including a minimum wage, rules for handling tips, and overtime pay eligibility.  More than 130 million full-time and part-time workers are currently protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act in the United States. Violations of the FLSA can be prosecuted by the federal..
Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Protection Against Unlawful Business Practices All of us are consumers. We purchase and use products and services on a daily basis. But all too often consumers are cheated, bullied or swindled by large corporations and have no idea how to fight back. This is why there are laws in place that allow consumers the right to be safe from unsafe products and fraudulent, deceptive,..

Flood Insurance Claims

Texas Flood Insurance Lawyer Free Consultations • Available 24/7 If you've suffered financial hardship due to flood damage, a Houston Flood Insurance Lawyer from the team of skilled and experienced attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm can help. We are dedicated to helping those affected by life-changing events, such as Hurricane Harvey. When events such as a hurricane occur, it is nearly impossible to..