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Family Law

Texas Family Law Attorneys in Killeen, Temple, and Round Rock

The Texas Family Law Attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm are experts in a variety of areas. On staff we have experienced, board certified family law attorneys who are devoted to making sure clients receive the best family law counsel available.  The care and respect for our clients, is the cornerstone of what we offer.

Here are some of the most common areas of Family Law we handle:

  • Alimony

    Texas Alimony Attorney

    Alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, is often awarded to one party to another during a legal divorce situation. The court can look at and examine all aspects of a divorce case to determine alimony decisions. There are many different forms of alimony and the court will have to take into consideration many factors to make a final decision. It could be temporary, or rehabilitative, spousal support or it can last permanently.

    This periodic payment from one spouse to another can take place if one spouse was convicted of a criminal offense that pertained to an act of family abuse within two years prior to the date which the divorce case was filed. If the divorce was 10 years or longer and the spouse that desires maintenance does not have sufficient property or assets, they may be entitled to a substantial alimony award. If the spouse seeking alimony award clearly lacks the ability to earn money, financial support can be required.

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  • Child Custody

    Texas Child Custody Attorney

    Divorce cases are typically very difficult, exhausting and messy situations, especially when children are involved. When it comes to determining physical and legal custody of your child or children, you will be focused on ensuring that their best interest is made first priority, and so will our firm. It is an emotional situation that can be handled with the assistance of an attorney from a Temple family lawyer from our firm. At The Carlson Law Firm, we take into consideration many factors that are part of a divorce case and the family’s previous lifestyle to try and develop a child custody plan.

    Types Of Custody

    If you are trying to develop a parenting plan without having to involve the court to a large degree, you will want to familiarize yourself and your near ex-spouse with the different types of child custody. Legal custody is the right and responsibility to make large decisions considering the child’s well being and future. This includes decisions regarding religion, education and other large factors. Physical custody determines where the child will actually be living. This parent will be making decisions concerning everyday life. Generally, it is decided that joint custody is the best option, since both parents will then be able to be part of the child’s life.

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  • Child Support

    Child Support Lawyer in Texas

    Has child support caused domestic tension? When a family with young children is dealing with a divorce, one of the most difficult factors is determining child support. It is a sensitive but vital factor because it involves the health and well-being of a child. It is important to settle matters involving children with a knowledgeable and caring lawyer present if an amicable relationship does not exist. It is most important that fair child support payments can be worked out so that the child is not looked past and unable to be taken proper care of without support.

    Determining Child Support

    There are many factors that are taken into consideration by the court when pursuing child support calculations. The court will determine the income of both parents, including extra bonuses, income of businesses owned by either parent, number of children in the family, cost of daycare and other expenses for the child and health care insurance prices. At The Carlson Law Firm, we can help you achieve a successful verdict to your situation. Other personal circumstances can occur depending on child custody and other issues. Modifications can also occur in the future if that becomes necessary.

    There are times when a divorcing couple cannot arrive at an agreement by themselves. There are other times when a child support agreement is not being followed, which is an issue of non-compliance. In these situations, a lawyer can get involved to ensure that you and your child’s rights are being regarded. It is important to seek the help of one of our lawyers from The Carlson Law Firm for the reason that we can pursue actions to make sure this situation is not repeated. We have been serving the community since 1976 and can be available to help you through your situation.

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  • Divorce

    Even thinking about the concept of divorce can bring heartache to many hurting couples. Divorce is not an easy legal mater to handle, especially when matters of child support and child custody have to be determined. There are different types of divorces, contested and uncontested. Even in uncontested divorces, which are those involving amicable relationships, emotions are typically very sensitive. Feelings of anger, loss, pain and frustration are typically found and one of our Texas Divorce Attorney from The Carlson Law Firm is available to release some of the burden from your situation.

    Grounds for Divorce

    When it comes to establishing the grounds for divorce, the state of Texas has seven that can be considered. Grounds for divorce are reasons that a married couple will be able to legally get divorced.

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  • Visitation

    There are few topics as important and difficult to discuss in a divorce as visitation. It should not be ignored or considered as a lenient topic. Each member of a divorce must realize that it is important and does not have to be granted. Parents who are not given physical custody of the child are typically entitled to visitation rights, but some circumstances can restrict this. Another important aspect to remember is that time should not be wasted when it comes to ensuring a fair and workable visitation schedule.

    Considering the Child’s Best Interest

    The most important consideration to be made in this factor and any other decision concerning children is their best interest. In many cases, the most ideal situation is joint custody. It is typically seen that children benefit the most from consistent time spent with both parents. A divorce inevitably separates families and causes distress. This, however, should not wreck the relationship that parents have with their children. The children should spend as much time with each parent as possible, in most situations. At The Carlson Law Firm, our Texas visitation attorneys pursue whatever is in the best interest of the child. We seek to defend your rights and protect all involved.

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  • Military Divorce

    Protection of Active Military Spouse

    When it comes to divorce situations involving members of the military, there are specific laws that make the divorce more complex than typical. Special and unique issues take place when compared to everyday civilian divorces. There are laws that are set in place to protect active military members from being placed in default because of a failure to respond to divorce actions. Everyone has the right to know that they are being divorced, and active military men and women are often unable to respond at an appropriate time. This protection was established under the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act, 50 UCS §521.

    The active military spouse will have to be personally served with a divorce summons or else the court will not have jurisdiction over the active military member. An exception can sometimes occur in uncontested cases where the active duty spouse does not have to be served if the member signs a waiver that acknowledges the divorce. The residency requirements include that either spouse lives in Texas and that the active service member is stationed in Texas.

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