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ParaGard isn’t the first IUD to make headlines for lawsuits. Years ago, The Carlson Law Firm helped women file lawsuits for both Mirena and Essure. While the ParaGard implant has been around since the 1980s, thousands of people have begun filing lawsuits against the manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals. You can file a claim against Teva Pharmaceuticals if you experienced any of the following: 

  • ParaGard breaks upon removing
  • ParaGard breaks apart on its own prior to removal and require surgical removal

In some cases, surgery is required to remove missing fragments of the implant. Commonly, patients who require surgical removal of ParaGard have had hysteroscopy and hysterectomies. 

ParaGard patients often experience more than one complication. Other complications women can experience include the following: 

  • Implant migration
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Miscarriage or other problems with pregnancy
  • Infections

To find out if you’re eligible for a ParaGard claim, call a qualified ParaGard lawyer at 800-359-5690.

What are ParaGard lawsuit qualifications?

The Carlson Law Firm is accepting clients who have suffered the following ParaGard injuries:

  1. Paragard breaks at the arms upon removal; or
  2. Paragard breaks apart on its own prior to removal and requires surgery to remove.
Commonly, patients will need a hysteroscopy or hysterectomy to remove fragments of the implant.

Should I file a ParaGard Lawsuit?

If you suffered serious injuries after having ParaGard inserted, yes you should file a ParaGard lawsuit. The purpose of a lawsuit is to make you whole after you suffered injuries from someone else’s negligence. Because your injuries cannot be undone, the only way to do this is by filing a lawsuit and recovering money to improve your quality of life. 

In many cases, patients who have suffered injuries from ParaGard may experience lifelong complications. In addition, a lawsuit will help cover the costs of medical bills and loss of income from missed work to deal with the serious effects of your ParaGard injuries. 

Will I have to go to court if I file a claim in the ParaGard Lawsuit?

While you will likely be filing a lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceuticals, it is unlikely that you will have to go to court to the compensation the pharmaceutical company owes you. 

If you decide to file a ParaGard Lawsuit, The Carlson Law Firm’s mass torts department knows that your situation is unique. We will work your claim up individually to ensure that your story is heard and that you are fairly compensated for your injuries. As a mass tort, your claim will likely be grouped in multidistrict litigation (MDL). This consolidation reduces the number of court cases brought by multiple individuals and places all of the cases before a single judge in one court. In a mass tort, injuries vary in severity which leads to differing award amounts based on the nature of the person’s injury.

How long will my ParaGard claim take?

In general, because of the number of people harmed and the science involved with proving up a case, a ParaGard claim may take several years to settle.

What are the steps of a ParaGard lawsuit?

To get started with your ParaGard claim, you will be required to submit your medical history to your lawyer. In the early stages of your claim, your attorney and their legal time will start compiling information to build up your case. Once your attorneys have collected information about your unique situation, they will begin the litigation process. Your claim will generally go through these three phases:

1. Filing your lawsuit

Mass torts are typically tried in federal court. This is why you need an experienced mass tort lawyer. 

2. Bellwether trials

Before trying entire cases, the courts try a handful of cases in bellwether trials. These trials serve as a litmus test for how other cases will go. For example, lawyers will be able to assess if the science backs their cases. If these cases do not go in favor of plaintiffs, your lawsuit will likely be thrown out. However, the status of lawsuits can change at any time. The Carlson Law Firm is known for our communication with our clients and we will ensure you are updated at every step of the way. 

3. Settlement

In what is usually the final phase of a mass tort, your lawsuit will settle and you will be paid a sum of money. Trials are time-consuming and expensive. So rather than go through trials and appeals, many corporations or pharmaceutical companies opt to settle out of court. As mentioned previously, the severity of your injuries will correlate to how much you paid. 

Each lawsuit is unique, so while most mass torts go along this trajectory, others may not. It’s important that no matter who you choose to represent you in your claim that you keep your contact information up to date. These cases can take years to settle. In that time your phone number may change or may start using an email address. Make sure your attorney knows how best to contact you at all times. 

Do I need a lawyer to file a ParaGard Lawsuit?

Anyone can file a claim on their own, however, ParaGard lawsuits will be tried in federal courts. For this reason, it’s important that you have a lawyer who understands what is involved in these types of claims. 

How much does a ParaGard lawyer cost?

A mass torts lawyer handling ParaGard claims will not charge you any upfront fees. The Carlson Law Firm will only receive a payment if you get a settlement from Teva Pharmaceuticals. 

Who can I talk to about filing a ParaGard Lawsuit?

A ParaGard Lawsuit Lawyer from The Carlson Law Firm is happy to meet with you during a free and confidential case evaluation. Call a ParaGard lawyer at 800-359-5690 to answer any question you may have about a ParaGard lawsuit

Get help with your ParaGard Lawsuit

If you suffered organ perforation, migration or required surgery to remove a ParaGard IUD, you can file a claim. There is no telling how many patients suffered injuries as a result of Teva Pharmaceuticals’ negligence. If you are just learning about the ParaGard Lawsuit, call The Carlson Law Firm for more information about your legal options. 

Suffering from these types of injuries can take its toll on your physical and mental health. Chronic pain or fertility loss has significant impacts on your emotional health. Our compassionate legal team is ready to advocate for your rights and for the compensation you deserve. The Carlson Law Firm has the knowledge, experience and resources needed to go up against powerful pharmaceutical companies like Teca. 

Call a ParaGard Lawsuit lawyer at 800-359-5690 or start a chat with a member of our legal team by clicking the box below. If you’re on mobile, we’re also available by clicking the “Text Us” button below. 

Who are The Carlson Law Firm lawyers handling ParaGard claims?

The Carlson Law Firm’s Mass Torts department is led by some of the nation’s most outstanding lawyers. Attorneys Craig Carlson and Ruth Rizkalla are taking on clients nationwide for the ParaGard lawsuit. If you’ve suffered organ perforation, migration or underwent surgery after a ParaGard insertion, call our outstanding and compassionate legal team. We are ready to help you recover and get the compensation you deserve.

Craig Carlson - Carlson Law Firm Managing Partner in Waco, TX and Killeen, TX
Craig Carlson – Managing Partner
Ruth Rizkalla is a Partner at The Carlson Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA
Ruth Rizkalla – Partner


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