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A commercial or company vehicle is a car, van, truck, or bus that is owned and operated by a company to be used by employees or agents of that company. Company vehicles are used by employees to carry out their jobs, to carry work equipment, haul goods or transport passengers, but may also be used for work-related employee transportation. Like any other car on the road, they can be involved in collisions that cause injury and even fatalities. If you or a loved one has been injured by a commercial or company vehicle, an accident attorney will provide you representation backed by the financial and legal resources necessary to win your case.


Companies are generally responsible for the actions of their employees. This means that when a commercial or company vehicle is involved in an accident, the driver and the company may be liable for injuries.

Negligent Supervision

Employers should have reasonable safety policies in place and should make sure all of their drivers comply with safety laws. If an employer fails to check that the employee is exhibiting reasonable care and skill in doing the job required, then that employer is liable for negligence.

Negligent Hiring

When a company hires someone that they know will be driving a company vehicle, the employer has a duty to uphold that exercises due diligence in order to make sure the employee is a safe driver.

Failure To Properly Train

While on the job training is an invaluable educational tool, employers are often in a hurry to leave new employees to their own devices. This sink or swim approach can be dangerous because if the employee hasn’t shown that he or she should safely operate a company vehicle, the risk of accident increases.

Failure To Maintain

Catastrophic accidents result when company vehicle drivers and companies do not take necessary precautions to maintain equipment. This negligence results in unsafe vehicles on the road that pose a hazard to all drivers.

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