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car crash caused by speeding

Faster Isn’t Better: Speeding Is a Leading Cause of Car Crashes

If you’re a Texas local, you probably know that most Texans treat posted speed limits as more of a suggestion…

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Delivery trucks come in all sizes and cause severe injuries because of their size and weight. Hire a qualified delivery truck crash lawyer for help.

When to Consult with a Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle crashes with delivery trucks, such as UPS, FedEx, USPS and Amazon, can have devastating and lasting effects on…

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TikTok Announces 60-Minute Screen Time Limits for Teenagers

It’s no secret to anyone that teenagers today spend a large amount of time on their phones. But how much…

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Studies have found that there is an increase f car crashes during spring break in hot-spot locations.

Increase in Car Crashes at Spring Break Hot Spots

College students and other young adults take to the roads every year for a much-needed break from the gruesome school…

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9 Tips For Avoiding a Car Crash

Car Crash Prevention: 9 Ways to Avoid Being an At-Fault Driver

If you’re like most Americans, you get in your vehicle every day, whether it’s to go to work, the store,…

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Arrest warrant

Can I Get Arrested if I Meet with a Lawyer while I Have a Warrant?

Learning that you have a warrant out for your arrest can be a scary, stressful situation. You might want to…

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