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Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Drug companies always put their bottom dollar above the health and safety of patients who rely on medications. For this reason, it’s up to government agencies to be responsible for ensuring that drugs are safe before they are placed on the United States market. Unfortunately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t always the best at screening medications. And sometimes, the FDA, like many other government entities, will ignore dangerous signs until enough patients have expressed adverse events. This serious lack of oversight often leads to temporary or physical harm to consumers and wrongful death. A dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to assist.

The Carlson Law Firm helps clients injured by dangerous drugs such as prescription and over-the-counter drugs. As well as harm a person may suffer through pharmacist or doctor negligence.

Injuries From Dangerous Drugs

There are many laws and regulations in place for how products should work and fulfill expectations. If a drug is missing information on a label and causes injury or wrongful death, our firm can provide assistance. We have substantial experience with product liability cases, which is the liability of pharmaceutical companies, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers for dangerous drugs. When a consumer is unfortunate enough to be the user of a defective product, great danger could result. Liability can be proven with the assistance of one of our personal investigators. There is no other place you need to go to get the representation you deserve. We represent clients nationwide.

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