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The University Of Phoenix Used Deceptive Marketing Tactics That Targeted Military And Hispanic Students. Students May File A Deceptive Advertising Lawsuit.

University of Phoenix Students May File Deceptive Advertising Lawsuit

For years, going to college has been sold as a way to achieve the American dream. Instead, ballooning costs and…

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Incretin Mimetic Drugs Linked To Pancreatic Cancer Risks

Are Incretin Mimetic Drugs Linked To Pancreatic Cancer Risks?

Medication is supposed to improve the lives of those suffering from certain conditions. When doctors write you a prescription, you…

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Fatigued Truck Drivers Can Create Hazardous Conditions For Other Motorists On The Road.

How does fatigue impact commercial truck drivers?

In 2014, a limo carrying comedian Tracy Morgan was rear-ended by a Wal-Mart big rig being driven by a fatigued…

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Brake Failure Can Lead To Some Of The Most Serious Accidents On The Road.

Brake Failure: What to do when your vehicle’s brakes fail

Have you ever stopped to think just how much trust you give your vehicle’s brakes every time you drive? Brakes…

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Creditors Generally Can't Garnish Wages In Texas, However, They Can Freeze Your Bank Account.

Wage Garnishment: Can a debt collector garnish my paycheck in Texas?

Wage garnishment can be stressful and humiliating. It can also prevent you from paying your bills that are a necessity.…

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An Austin Car Crash Lawyer Can Help You Navigate The Aftermath Of Your Car Crash.

Austin traffic fatalities nearly triples in January 2020

After 11 traffic fatalities last month, the Capital of Texas is off to a rough start this year with achieving…

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