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Experts say human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing illegal trade. Hotels and motels are some of the most common venues used to exploit their victims. Unfortunately, human trafficking in the hotel industry is extremely common. It is often a component of a victim’s experience. But corporate liability laws hold hotel management and staff accountable. If you’ve been forced into sex trafficking you can seek justice through holding hotels accountable. Many victims of human trafficking want help, but often don’t see a way out. The Carlson Law Firm can help you. Contact our firm for a confidential consultation with a hotel sex trafficking lawyer.

You’ve been through a terrible ordeal. Your feelings may be vulnerable and raw, but you don’t have to deal with these feelings alone. Our firm has the skills and expertise to assist you on your journey to recovery. We have more than 40 years of experience holding hotel companies accountable for their failures to act.

What is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery. Traffickers will force individuals to perform sex acts for pay through the use of force, fraud or coercion. It is important to note, that sex trafficking is not the same as prostitution, where exchanging sex for money is often “voluntary”. Far too often, commercial sex victims are typically under the age of 18. Regardless of the use of force, fraud or coercion, minors engaging in commercial sex are considered victims of human trafficking.

Sex traffickers will frequently target their victims then use violence, threats, lies, false promises, debt bondage or other forms of control. They will manipulate their victims to keep them involved in the sex industry for their own profit.

Sex trafficking can occur in a variety of venues and businesses. Fake massage businesses, escort services, residential brothels, truck stops, strip or hostess clubs and hotels and motels. If you are a survivor or are currently a victim of sex trafficking, contact our firm. Our expert hotel sex trafficking lawyer can help you get justice.

Civil Laws Around Hotel Sex Trafficking

Under federal law, victims of human trafficking are permitted to bring a civil claim against his or her trafficker, as well as any person or institution who financially benefited from the victimization. The law also allows for the victim to sue anyone who should have known the human trafficking was occurring. For example, when a hotel employee knowingly rents a room to a trafficker (either a pimp or john) can put the hotel in a situation where it can be held liable by the victim. Similarly, the hotel can be held liable if it was obvious the room was being for sex trafficking purposes.

Hotels, by law, owe the highest duty of care to their guests. Because of this, hotels have a responsibility to protect hotel guests; including victims of sex trafficking. When hotels fail to protect their guests it is a breach of duty. Sex trafficking victims can hold businesses accountable. 

Sadly, hotels rarely face these type repercussions for allowing sex trafficking on their premises. Additionally, the penalties and enforcement of the laws around human trafficking have been minimal. Many victims of sex trafficking don’t even know they can seek civil damages from the hotels or motels where their victimization occurred. If you or someone you love have been a victim of sex trafficking, contact The Carlson Law Firm. A Hotel sex Trafficking Lawyer from our firm can help you hold those who hurt you accountable.

Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000

The United States passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act in 2000, it was subsequently amended by the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 (JVTA). The JVTA defines sex trafficking as “recruiting, harboring, transporting, providing, obtaining, patronizing or soliciting of an individual through the means of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of commercial sex.” However, force, fraud or coercion are not included in defining sex trafficking when children under 18 are involved.

Signs of Hotel sex Trafficking

Hotel employees must be vigilant in stopping their premises from sex traffickers using it for the sexual exploitation of victims. There are a number of indicators that hotel and motel staff can pick up on when sex trafficking is occurring. Those indicators include:

  • Young women or men who appear malnourished
  • Excessive traffic in and out of the hotel or motel room
  • Paying for rooms in cash
  • Physical signs of injury or abuse
  • Extended stay with few possessions
  • Avoiding eye contact and social interaction
  • Avoiding authority or law enforcement
  • Rehearsed or scripted responses in social interactions
  • Lack of official identification documents
  • Appears destitute
  • Requests rooms overlooking parking lots
  • Lack of personal possessions
  • Checking into hotels or motels with older males
  • Refers to male companions as “daddy” (slang for pimp)
  • Poor physical health
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Tattoos/branding on the neck or lower back
  • Untreated sexually transmitted diseases
  • Security measures that appear to keep people inside or from entering a room
  • Not allowing people to go in public without a chaperone
  • Not allowing a person to speak for themselves

Hotels should have an appropriate policy or procedure to deal with suspected sexually trafficking. Correspondingly, hotel staff should be clear on what those policies and procedures are. As a victim of sex trafficking, you have the right to seek justice for your victimization. Contact a hotel sex trafficking lawyer from The Carlson Law Firm for a free, confidential consultation.

Why does sex trafficking occur in the hospitality industry?

Human trafficking affects millions of men, women and children all over the world. In fact, many experts consider human trafficking modern-day slavery. Often, it involves the use of force, fraud or coercion for labor or commercial sex. Sex traffickers take advantage of the privacy and anonymity that hotels and motels offer.

Another reason why the hospitality industry is targeted by sex traffickers is often because of a lack of action by hoteliers. While hoteliers believe that sex trafficking is a global issue, they are less likely to believe that sex trafficking is an issue in their immediate community. This can occur because of lack of awareness or because they have an unwillingness to acknowledge the issue. In many cases, hotel and motel business owners and managers are uncomfortable asking their guests if they are involved in sex trafficking. Additionally, there may be an unwillingness to train employees on the signs of trafficking.

Additionally, hoteliers might be afraid of the experiences of other guests in their hotels if they get the police or other law enforcement agencies involved.

None of these are good excuses for a hotel failing to act. A hotel sex trafficking lawyer can help you navigate the laws around sex trafficking. Contact The Carlson Law Firm for a free, confidential consultation.

Who is at-risk for Sex Trafficking?

Most people who buy sex are men. Additionally, men are the primary facilitators of sex trafficking. Since 2007, there have been a total of 28,291 cases of sex trafficking reported in the United States. When it comes to sex trafficking, California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and New York are the states where forced commercial sex is most likely to occur. Women are 16 times more likely to be victims of sex trafficking. The disturbing statistics on the people buying sex are as follows:

  • 56 percent are married
  • 25 percent have kids under 18
  • 50 percent have higher than median incomes
  • 63 percent of sex trafficking incidents happen in hotels (high and low end)
  • 80 percent of those paying for sex do it away from their home city
  • Americans account for 25 percent of the demand for child sex worldwide

Over 100,000 children are forced into prostitution each year. This staggering number of children contributes to the more than $9.8 billion sex trafficking industry in the United States. For those who are forced to do it—whether by others or their economic situation—prostitution is one of the most dangerous acts in America. Many women suffer physical attacks but do not report the assaults to police. Often, these women are afraid of their handlers or worry about the response from police. Even more staggering, the death rate is 204 for every 100,000 people. This means prostitution is more dangerous than logging, fishing, or working on an oil rig.

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What Hotels Can Do to Deter Hotel Sex Trafficking

There are many steps a hotel can take to prevent sex trafficking on their premises. For example, if a hotel employee suspects trafficking is occurring, then they can call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH). The NHTH is a national anti-trafficking hotline. It is a useful line before hotel staff can call the line and find out of the suspicions are likely signs of hotel sex trafficking. The hotline is run by the Polaris Project.

Additionally, hotel staff can report the suspected case to local police for further investigation. Other steps hotels can take to prevent hotel sex trafficking include:

  • Know the signs
  • Design a plan of action
  • Partner with agencies that provide services to victims
  • Provide employees with a training program to help them understand and identify signs of human trafficking
  • Distribute and post fact sheets from the Department of Human Services Toolkit

How Can I hold My Captors Responsible for Sex Trafficking?

Because of the physical, mental and economical damage sex trafficking victims face, many states have relaxed laws that allow for civil remedies. When a criminal case is not brought against your perpetrators you can still take action. If you or a loved one is the victim of human sex trafficking, contact a hotel sex trafficking lawyer. You can also file a civil lawsuit against:

  • Handlers
  • Hotels and apartments where transactions occurred
  • Johns (someone who pays for sex)
  • Websites that promoted advertisements
  • Any person or group involved

Sometimes criminal cases can run into problems that stall—possibly even drop—the process. So, for many victims, a civil lawsuit may be there the only option. Because it may be difficult to track down a sex trafficker, or even a john, you can hold the business that allowed your assault to occur accountably. Call our firm today to speak with a hotel sex trafficking lawyer. We can help you out of your situation and we can also help you seek justice. We promise, your call is confidential.

An Experienced Hotel Sex Trafficking Lawyer Can Help

If you are a victim of human trafficking or suspect that hotel sex trafficking is occurring in your community, we suggest you call the Polaris Project. Polaris is a nationwide non-profit. The organization employs experienced professionals to guide victims and survivors of human trafficking. Also, you may call the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Professionals from both of these organizations undergo training to respond to human trafficking victims with shelter and security. Additionally, the can help victims get access to medical treatment, food, clothing, legal services, counseling, and other aid. If you are a hotel sex trafficking victim, or if you know of a situation, The Carlson Law Firm can help you get assistance and navigate the legal system.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a hotel sex trafficking lawyer from The Carlson Law Firm. If you or a loved one has been a victim of human trafficking or you suspect human trafficking is occurring in your community give us a call.

We care and we can help.

When you are looking for a compassionate and yet hard-hitting legal advocate, you can be confident that you will find the right hotel sex trafficking lawyer at The Carlson Law Firm! Contact us for a free consultation now, or fill out our contact form and a member of our team will contact you directly.

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