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KILLEEN, Texas — Everyone driving by the Killeen area on Fridays all throughout June is invited to make a short detour to cool off with a free shaved ice treat at The Carlson Law Firm. Kona Ice will be offering free shaved ice to all from 12-2 p.m. every Friday on June 7, 14, 21 and 28 at The Carlson Law Firm located at 100 E. Central Texas Expy. Killeen, Texas 76541.

Keep it Cool with Carlson is an effort to promote awareness of Road Safety while giving back to the community. Statistics show that road rage incidents increase during the summer and car accidents are more common on Fridays.

“Too often, we see tragic car accidents happen because anger got in the way of better judgment and a tailgate, cut-off or vulgar gesture that could have been ignored escalated into road rage ultimately resulting in a crash,” said Michael Erskine, Partner at The Carlson Law Firm. “While we are here to help when these accidents occur, our desire is that no one gets hurt so we’re pursuing this goal with our Keep It Cool With Carlson Campaign.”

Every Friday in June, Keep it Cool With Carlson will offer free Kona Ice to all who stop by from 12-2 p.m. Guests will have the opportunity to meet our attorneys and participate in exclusive giveaways. Local radio stations will be broadcasting live.

Keep It Cool On the Road

Additionally, as part of their Keep it Cool With Carlson campaign, The Carlson Law Firm will promote safe driving tips and road rage awareness across all their social media accounts.

As the summer months roll in, avoid letting your temper get hot behind the wheel. Follow these tips to keep it cool and stay safe on the road:

  • Find a calming technique that won’t distract you. Common practices are deep breathing, counting out loud and repeating the names of your loved ones.
  • Remember, accidents don’t just happen to the next guy. Make the safe decision, even when you’re feeling invincible. Heroes make the right decision that protects everyone.
  • If someone cuts you off, let it go and focus on getting to your destination safely. Engaging with a bad driver gives them too much power—it sets you off course and can result in a life-changing accident.
  • Listen to music that has a calming effect on you when you’re driving.
  • Plan long trips with periodic stops to take a break and hydrate. Consider finding a fun café or landmark to look forward to and put a positive light on your drive. If your budget is limited, you can bring water and snacks from home to enjoy at a park.
  • If a road scare rattles you, find a safe place to stop and calm down.

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The Carlson Law Firm is a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing exceptional legal services to clients across various practice areas. With a focus on community involvement and social responsibility, The Carlson Law Firm strives to make a positive impact both in and out of the courtroom.

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